Bamboo Cabinet Doors

bamboo cabinets

Bamboo cabinet doors offer an alternative option for a home renovation. The distinct look and green benefits of this building material make it an appealing choice for a growing segment of homeowners. Read on to see if bamboo is ideal for your cabinet door needs.

Benefits of Bamboo

Why should you choose bamboo for your home renovation? It may be considered a grass, but bamboo is not a weak building material. It offers many benefits in the construction of cabinets for many home styles.


Bamboo is a hard, durable material. This proves beneficial for cabinetry that is opened, closed and banged around frequently. When harvested at maturity, bamboo is just as hard and durable as many hardwood cabinet doors. Bamboo is also said to withstand moisture better than hardwood. It experiences less shrinking and expanding that sometimes plagues wood doors.


Choosing bamboo for cabinetry also benefits the environment. Many hardwood trees that are traditionally used for lumber take decades to reach a mature age. Bamboo takes a short 5 to 6 years to reach maturity. Even better, when the stalks of the bamboo plants are harvested, they immediately begin regenerating new shoots. These facts make bamboo a green option for home improvement projects such as cabinetry.

Choosing Bamboo Cabinet Doors

If you decide bamboo is for you, the next step is to choose which doors you want. Both style and cost factor into the decision making process.


A tropical-themed home is not the only place fitting for bamboo cabinets. While the material lends itself to doors that exude the feeling of the tropics, there are many other style options that fit different homes. Both classic and modern styles of cabinetry in different shades are available in bamboo. The doors typically come in both edge grain and flat grain options, giving further distinction in the final look. Cabinet doors made of bamboo work well in kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms of the home. Consider the style of your home when selecting the style of bamboo cabinet doors you wish to purchase.


Bamboo cabinets are similar in price to their solid wood counterparts. As with any kitchen cabinets, the price varies based on the options selected and the manufacturer chosen for the cabinet doors. You will likely pay more for a solid bamboo cabinet door than you would for standard cabinets, but the quality of the bamboo is much higher than the mostly particle board standard cabinets. You can reduce the costs by choosing ready-to-assemble options over custom bamboo cabinets. Weigh the benefits of bamboo against the costs when researching your options.


Not all bamboo cabinet doors are created equally. Research the company and its manufacturing practices before deciding on bamboo cabinets.

Quality of Materials

If the bamboo is harvested too early, the resulting doors won't have the durability that bamboo is known for. This can be a problem for some sub-par manufacturers who try to harvest the bamboo early in order to keep up with demand. Look for cabinet doors made of solid bamboo as opposed to a bamboo veneer. Research the company before purchasing to ensure they use high-quality materials. Ask for references to ensure the company uses high-quality construction practices on the doors.

Green Components

The actual bamboo isn't the only component to the cabinet doors. The type of adhesive and finish used also impacts the final product. If the green aspect of bamboo appeals to you, make sure the cabinets you choose use safe options for the adhesive and finish. Check for adhesive that is free of formaldehyde. The healthiest finishes are low or no-VOC, or volatile organic compounds. Low VOC finishes eliminate many of the chemicals that are emitted by regular finishes, making them healthier for your home and family.

Alternative for Cabinet Doors

Bamboo cabinet doors offer an alternative that some don't realize is available. With its durability and distinct appearance, it sets your kitchen apart and can increase the green factor of your home.

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