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Best Home Improvements to Sell a House

best home improvements to sell a house

If you're preparing your house for the real estate market, follow some of these helpful hints for the best home improvements to sell a house.


A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest and least expensive home improvements to help sell your home. Start with those rooms that either need to be freshened up, need an update or where a different color would be more appealing to potential buyers. After all, while that wildly neon painted bedroom may be a hit with your child, it could be a turnoff to people looking at your home. You don't have to paint every room white, but choose neutral colors that will complement most people's furniture and décor. People that are home shopping can more easily picture their stuff in a home that has a neutral color scheme.

Make Small Updates and Home Repairs

Small home repairs can make a big impact on a possible home sale. Repair any dents or holes in the walls and paint (see above), fix that leaking faucet or running toilet and make sure to replace any burned out light bulbs. Also, making small updates can help spruce up your home - add decorative throw pillows, replace window coverings and bedspreads to improve your home decor.

Add a Master Bathroom

Adding a master bathroom is a pricier endeavor, but is one of the best home improvements to sell a house. Investigate whether your home can accommodate a master bath with your current floor plan and talk to contractors about how easily it can be done and the cost involved. A master bathroom is a big selling point, so consider including a Jacuzzi tub or marble vanity to add to the value.

Kitchen Updates

While you may not want to replace kitchen cabinets if you're moving, simply painting them can be a quick and beautiful fix to make your home more appealing. If the color is outdated, you wouldn't believe how painting the cabinets will brighten the kitchen and give it a renewed look. Follow LoveToKnow's instructions for painting your cabinets, which includes information about how to prep and prime the cabinets. Don't forget to replace your old cabinet hardware to complete the update.


If you've got some throwback lighting fixtures, this is an easy area that can be updated without a huge expense. Evaluate the lighting in your home - do you have an outdated chandelier in the dining room or tacky lighting in the bathroom? Check out the home improvement stores for a variety of lighting that can easily be swapped out to make your home even more in demand.

Clean and De-Clutter

Yes, of course, you want to show a clean home to potential buyers… but we're talking about getting things sparkling. Clean those windows, polish any brass fixtures to a high shine, clean the fireplace bricks, wax the floors, clear the cobwebs. Serious buyers are going to really give your home the white glove inspection, so make it shine! Also, this is an excellent time to downsize and de-clutter. With people roaming your house and poking in closets, it's a great idea to get unused items out of cabinets and storage areas, organize and clean so you can show off your home's full potential. If you've got extra furniture or unmatched pieces, considering renting a storage unit and removing them from your home to free up space in each room.

Make Outside Improvements

While the inside of your home is of utmost importance to get ready for sale, don't forget the outside of the home either. If your home needs a new paint job, that's an expense you may want to seriously consider before putting your home on the market. A freshly painted house is a serious plus to many buyers. Also, keep bushes trimmed, the grass mowed and gardens weeded, plus consider additional landscaping if necessary.

Armed with these best home improvements to sell a house, you'll be landing an offer in no time!

Best Home Improvements to Sell a House