Article Highlight: Submersible Well Pump Wiring Diagrams

Replacing your submersible water pump can be easy, but before pulling that pump from the ground you need to safely assess what type of system already exists. Then you're ready to start the process of getting… Keep reading »

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From plumbing basics to more detailed, project-specific information, LoveToKnow Home Improvement's Plumbing section will give you the information you need to get the job done right. Whether you're a beginning do-it-yourselfer, a seasoned pro at home improvement projects, or someone just looking for the vocabulary to discuss your renovations with your plumber, you'll find what you need right here.

Do-It-Yourself Plumbing Made Easy

Hiring a professional is sometimes the best plan, especially for big jobs. However, there are times you might not need to make that call. Before you hire a contractor, review some of these topics and see if you can get the job done yourself:

  • Learn about some of the most common DIY plumbing repairs, including clearing a clogged sink and fixing a leaky faucet.
  • One bathroom upgrade is installing a replacement shower tub faucet, but can you do the project yourself? Chances are, yes you can!
  • Find out how to prevent pesky leaks and protect your home by learning caulking 101. You'll discover tricks to help you get professional results.
  • Is your toilet always using water? Discover how to fix a running toilet with troubleshooting tips and solutions to some of the most common problems.

Plan Your Next Plumbing Project

Even if you won't be doing the plumbing yourself, you need to research your next plumbing project ahead of time. If you'll be remodeling your bathroom or kitchen or adding new features and utilities to your home, read up on the details before you hire a plumber. You'll be able to discuss the project intelligently, ask the right questions, and maybe even get a better deal.

  • Find out how to buy a bathtub, including considerations like the material it will be made of, the place you'll be putting it, and more.
  • Want more than just the classic toilet in your new bathroom? Learn about the features of luxury toilets and whether they are worth the investment.
  • If you're considering a water filter, read up on the types of home water filters so you know which features you'll want.
  • Learn about hot water heaters before choosing one for your home so you get one that meets your needs and provides enough hot water for everyone's showers.

Make Every Plumbing Job Easier

LoveToKnow is the place to come to learn everything from the basic types of plumbing pipes to more in-depth topics like choosing the perfect faucet. When you research your plumbing job here, you'll know you're getting information you can trust in a way that's easy to understand. That makes every plumbing job easier!