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Article Highlight: Best Type of Paint for Interior Garage Walls

Knowing what a paint is capable of helps you select the paint that will properly cover your garage walls. With prices ranging from $20 to $80 per gallon, it's important to select the right type of paint for inside… Keep reading »

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Painting Suggestions for Every Space

Painting ideas are an integral part of any building or renovation, since paint is one of the most utilized aspects of any home improvement project. Paint and stain can transform a room, protect your deck from the elements or just brighten your day. Whether you want to paint your appliances or your home's interior, we've got painting ideas for you.

Types of Paint

There are so many types of paint and stain on the market today it can be hard to know which one to choose. Luckily, usually one type of paint sets itself apart for each function, letting you focus on color choices instead.

When it comes time to paint or stain any part of your home, consider the following to help make your choice.

  • How long should it last? If this is a deck or area subject to the elements your paint should hold up as long as possible.
  • Does it have UV protection? Rooms with bright sunlight or exteriors need extra protection.
  • How easy is it to wipe clean? If there are small children or pets in the house, an easy to wipe clean paint may be the answer.
  • Is it easy to apply? If you're planning on doing the job yourself, make sure you know the steps involved first.
  • Does it come in your favorite color? Above all else, paint is decorative. Make sure the one you choose is the one you'll love for years.

Painting Ideas and Tips

If you're a novice to painting or if you need help selecting the right color of paint for you home, consider these tips.

  • Bring home several sample cards and tape them to the wall of the room to be painted. Look at them day and night for a few days in different lights to see how they react.
  • Purchase a small sample of your final choice and paint a section of the wall first. If the color translates differently in a large area or from paper to paint, you'll know ahead of time.
  • Foam paintbrushes can help you avoid brush marks. Use them in small areas the roller can't get to.
  • Take the time to tape. Painter's tape is made for a reason; use it to avoid cleaning up some messy mistakes.
  • Practice on plywood. If you're faux painting for the first time, practice on a sheet of plywood or even poster board to perfect your technique before tackling the wall.

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Painting Ideas