Walls, Dry Wall and Insulation

Article Highlight: How to Find Wall Studs

If you want to hang an item that supports weight, like a decorative shelf or television, then you need to locate and use at least one wall stud for support. Studs support the drywall running along all the walls… Keep reading »

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Learn how to hang drywall properly

Walls and drywall topics are always in hot demand for the home improvement do-it-yourselfers. With a variety of ideas that range from drywall installation to basement wall systems, as well as ideas like self adhesive wall tiles, LoveToKnow Home Improvement has you covered. Of course, what is in the walls is important to, so read about the types of insualtion and the best insulation for your home.

Walls and Drywall Installation

Tackling walls and drywall installation can be a big undertaking, but armed with information about how to do the job at hand can help you get the project done without having to hire a contractor.

Drywall topics include:

Other Wall Renovation Ideas

With topics that range from beadboard installation to wall tiles and giving your outdated paneling a fresh new look, you'll find ideas for do-it-yourself renovations that can be done on a budget, including:

With this variety of cost-effective and relatively easy wall projects, you can tackle a project in a weekend, with impressive results. Installing Beadboard or tiles, or painting paneling can all update the look of a room without having to hire someone to do the work for you.

Walls, Dry Wall and Insulation