Cheap Closet Doors

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There are a wide variety of cheap closet doors available on the market today.

Choosing Cheap Closet Doors

Just as there are many different varieties of inexpensive closet doors on the market, there are a variety of different reasons as to why someone would want to get these doors on the cheap. If you're a homeowner, saving a few bucks on closet doors helps keep the cost of your home remodel down. If you're a renter, then a pair of inexpensive closet doors offer a comparable replacement to a pair that became broken or dinged up over time. Replacing these doors before you vacate the property is definitely more inexpensive than risking losing your security deposit.

Whatever your reason may be for wanting closet doors on the cheap, keep reading to find out what your choices are.

Vinyl Folding Doors

Vinyl folding doors aren't the cutest addition to a room, but they are cheap, easy to install and easy to maintain. Use one vinyl folding panel for a single closet door or use two panels if your closet has double doors. These accordion like doors come in a few different standard sizes, the least expensive being the 26 inch by 80 inch panel. The wider and longer the panel, the more expensive it is. Vinyl folding doors run around under $30 a piece.

Bi-Fold Closet Doors

Whether or not bi-fold closet doors are cheap depends largely on the type of wood from which they are constructed and the size. The cheaper the wood and the smaller the size, the less expensive the bi-fold door. For wood products, pine is generally going to be the cheapest. If you're looking at exotic are hardwoods, these doors go from inexpensive to very expensive. Cheap bi-fold doors generally start around $30 for each panel. A panel contains two slender pieces connected by hinges.

Hollow Core Doors

Hanging hollow core doors takes a little bit more skill than other types of doors, but they look nicer than some other cheap doors for your closet. Plus, these doors come in unfinished wood, so they can be painted or even stained to match any room décor. Hollow core doors are lightweight, making them relatively easy for one person to install. Keep in mind, these doors are hollow, so if you're looking for a closet door for a utility or a garage closet that is subject to a lot of wear and tear (like tools, ladders or other objects hitting them), you may want to go with a different choice.

The panels on hollow core doors are rather thin and when objects like tools and ladders hit these doors hard enough, they'll make holes and dings in the panels.

Flat Panel Doors

Flat panel doors are similar in construction to hollow core doors. The panels for these doors are constructed of materials like luan or Medium Density Fiberboard or MDF for short. Flat panel doors made of harder materials like luan and MDF are more resistant to dents and dings, making them perfect for use for utility closets and closets in your garage.

Final Words

Choosing to spend less money on closet doors frees up funds for other home improvement areas you don't want to skimp on like floors, windows or tile. If you choose flat panel or hollow core closet doors, you can paint them in any color you want and add inexpensive wood trim for a little extra design and architectural interest.

When purchasing your closet doors, be sure that you measure the door opening correctly and purchase all the additional hardware needed to hang the door. Though most closet doors come with all the necessary hardware, when you're looking for things on the cheap, don't automatically assume that everything you need comes with the price of the door. Finally, don't forget shims or a wood planer to help make sure your new doors hang perfectly.

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