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If your kitchen lacks necessary counter space, or you are interested in adding an extra prep area, installing a corner apron sink is an excellent solution. An apron sink, which is just another term for farmhouse sink, is characterized by a visible front end that slightly projects from the surrounding cabinets. They traditionally have deep bowls and are often made from copper, stainless steel, or ceramic.

This style of sink is very popular in country- or farmhouse-style decor, but the right apron corner sink can also be applied to a modern or contemporary kitchen. They are also ideally suited for smaller kitchens because you don't need a two or three-inch lip between the sink and the edge of the counter. Apron sinks are also great for home cooks who like to whip up big dinners because they are sizable enough to hold large amounts of pots, pans and dirty dishes.

Buying a Corner Apron Sink

Finding an apron sink that is specifically designed as a corner option isn't a simple task. There are very few options on the web, so you might need to consider having one specially made for your space. Alternatively you can use a smaller traditional-style apron sink and craft a corner space to fit the full rectangular shape.

Here are some examples of apron sinks that will fit well within a corner space.

Rachiele has been crafting high-end copper sinks for a decade in its Orlando, Florida manufacturing facility. In addition to their specialty

The smaller, single-bowl options from work well as a corner apron sink. Scroll down the page to see the Luxury Stainless Steel Farmhouse Kitchen Sink, as well as the Single Bowl Farmer Sink, which is 24-inches, and constructed out of durable fire clay. Either of these apron-style sinks are small enough to install in a corner of your kitchen.

Perfect for those with a more modern design sensibility, the Noah's Chefhaus Curved Front Apron Undermount Sink features a gorgeous seamless apron front that is curved to fit in a corner of your kitchen. This style is an excellent example of how you can customize a farmhouse-style sink to fit within a more contemporary kitchen. The sink is constructed of premium grade stainless steel and comes with a brushed satin finish.

Kohler makes a stunning little double bowl Biscuit Hawthorne Apron Front Sink, which channels traditional-style and country elegance. At only 33-inches wide, it is still small enough to add as a corner prep sink, or it is an excellent size for those who lack space in their kitchen.

Final Note

If you can't find exactly what you are looking for, contact your nearest copper or stainless steel sink manufacturer, or kitchen design studio. Either place should be able to help you custom design a sink that will fit your corner space, and one that will complement your kitchen decor.

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Corner Apron Sink