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Corner Pedestal Sinks

Corner Pedestal Sinks

If you are designing or remodeling a bathroom, corner pedestal sinks can provide a unique twist. In addition to looking elegant, they also provide a space saving function in smaller bathrooms. This article will highlight some of the best places to locate corner pedestal sinks online.

Where to Find Corner Pedestal Sinks

When you are looking for any type of bathroom fixture, you have one fundamental question to answer at the outset of your project: do you want a vintage fixture or a new one? There are benefits and downsides to each option. In the case of vintage fixtures, the possibility to find a truly one of a kind sink are much better than if you just walked into Home Depot and bought a sink off the showroom floor. In addition, the craftsmanship of older fixtures is typically higher, and an older item always carries with it a history that makes it more of a conversation starter. On the other hand, vintage fixtures can be hard to locate, especially ones in good condition, and they can be exceptionally expensive.

New pedestal sinks have almost the opposite positives and negatives. They are easy to find and are typically less expensive, but they can lack the charm and uniqueness of a much older sink that you found through an extensive search. As with most remodeling decisions, your choice will often come down to time and money. If you have the luxury to spend the time to track down the perfect sink and the budget to buy it once you find it, you are in luck. If you are pressed for time to finish your bathroom and are under a money crunch, you might find it more practical to look for new a corner pedestal sink. Make sure you think about these issues before you start your search to minimize the frustrations that always come from a remodeling project.

Vintage Sinks

These sites are great places to look for vintage fixtures. When looking for a vintage sink, you will need to get in the habit of checking back often to see if new items have been made available. A truly great sink won't last long, so you'll want to make sure that you are on the ball when the right one becomes available.

  • Historic House Parts - This great website has some beautiful fixtures, and they are constantly adding new items.
  • Vintage Plumbing - Vintage Plumbing is another site dedicated to beautiful vintage bathroom fixtures. You might be able to find a spectacular corner sink here.
  • Ohmega Salvage- Another fantastic virtual showroom can be found here at Vintage Toilets and Sinks.

New Sinks

Here are some sites specializing in new pedestal sinks.

  • Vintage Tub - Vintage Tub is a great site to know about when doing a bathroom remodel, and they have a few very affordable and stylish corner sinks.
  • Amazon - Not just a site for books, these days Amazon sells everything, including this nice Portsmouth corner pedestal sink.
  • Fixture Universe - Fixture Universe has an exceptional selection of pedestal sinks in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes including several very nice corner sinks.
  • Signature Hardware - Signature Hardware has a half-dozen corner sinks for sale, from a simple porcelain model to a solid 16-gauge copper fixture.
  • Renovator's Supply - This place has the mother lode of corner sinks. Over ninety varieties are available here. Not all of them are pedestal sinks, but if you are looking for a corner sink, don't buy anything until you see what Renovator's Supply has to offer.

Look Around Before You Buy

The Internet has made is incredibly easy to window shop. From the comfort of your own home, you can literally browse the world for bathroom fixtures. Before you buy a corner pedestal sink, make sure you take a little time to thoroughly look around. You will be disappointed if you make a hasty purchase and then stumble upon the perfect sink a few weeks later.

Corner Pedestal Sinks