Cost of Metal Roofing

metal roof

With new processes in metal working, contractors have created fashionable, light-weight, and sturdy metal roofing materials that far outshine the derelicts that covered your grandfather's carport. Roofing materials are generally sold in squares that are equal to 100 square feet. Keep in mind that cost estimates are just estimates; pricing will vary depending on market fluctuations and region.

Crimped or Ribbed Paneling

Green ribbed metal roof

This is the least expensive roofing material ranging between $100 to $250 dollars per square. The lower end of the scale does resemble the wavy chip look of grandpas Chevy shed but as it move up to a crimped metal panel, it represents a more stylish look. Many HOAs may be wary of this type of roofing since it tends to represent an industrial look instead of the homey residential feel

  • MBCI has a wide variety of roof and wall products to panel just about any small or large project.
  • Everlast boasts a corrosion resistant product that bonds magnesium with their zinc-aluminum coating.

Steel or Aluminum Shingles

metal cedar shingles
Metal cedar shingles from Interlock Roofing

For a more residential feel you can start by looking at a shingle substitute. These are similar to asphalt shingles and can resemble wood shake and even architectural shingles. Prices are a bit higher, between $265 to $375 per square, but if you like the cedar shake look metal will save you quite a bit of money.

  • Classic Metal Roofing Systems carries metal options that can resemble wood shake, clay tile, slate tile (traditional shingles), and standing seam styles.
  • Check out Interlock Roofing products; they have plenty of photos to illustrate their products.

Stone Coated Steel

Stone coated steel roof

This metal roofing can weigh more than its bare metal counterpart but for a cheaper alternative to ceramic tiles it can't be beat. Ceramic tile is a great way to keep your house cool but the weight of the tiles can be stressful for your roof. Metal as an alternative comes in a great array of colors and weighs a fraction of the ceramic and at a more reasonable price too. You'll spend about $350 to $425 per square.

  • Boral Roof has beautiful stone coated tile and shingle products that reflect light to create an evolving look throughout the day.
  • With over 50 years in the industry, Decra's seven-layer coating system has stood the test of time.

Standing Seam

Metal roof with skylights

The sleek design and versatility of the standing seam makes it easy to install on just about any roof. With seams that interlock you create a more secure roof while reducing the need to puncture your roofing material with fasteners, and the flush profile makes it a perfect fit for steeply inclined roofs.

Unfortunately, the price is extremely high, $400 to $900 per square depending on material, but when compared with the longevity, energy, and environmental problems of asphalt it seems to be a reasonable expense.

  • Fabral has a great selection of standing seam incorporating solar inlays for residential and commercial use.
  • McElroy Metal has a giant selection of roofing materials and the equipment to rollform to any shape on site.

Finding Quality Materials and Estimates

Some estimates provided above are courtesy of the 2017 Home Advisor Roofing Cost Guide but always contact the manufacturer for estimates. Pricing can change quickly. For more detailed roofing information visit the professionals at Roofing Calculator; their helpful and informative page can focus your personal home estimate for just about any style roof.

Contractors may inflate prices and the best way to keep them honest is at the Metal Roofing Alliance website. There you can see photos of a multitude of products and directly contact manufacturers to help you decide what type of material best suits your needs.

Installation Tips

Installation of metal roof

Replacing your asphalt roof with a metal one isn't quite as easy as it sounds, even with metal shingles. There are different methods of securing, venting, and capping the roof material that is non-standard so you will have to do your research and find what is the best method for you. A professional may be the best bet for the beginner roofer, purely because of the cost of the materials involved.

Check With Your HOA First

When looking to replace a roof always check your home owner association's guidelines first. A partially removed roof or a full delivery of shingles is the wrong time to find out your HOA doesn't approve of the style or color. Most HOA's are flexible with roofing choices, especially an environmental friendly one, but not asking beforehand is the quickest way to a fine.

Making the Change

You gain an environmental edge using metal. High quality architectural asphalt shingles cost similar to the basic ribbed paneling but don't last half as long and emanate green house gases. Ceramic tiles and cedar shake, on the other hand, are more environmental but cost twice as much as their metal counterparts. With metal you gain all the benefits of longevity, environ mentality, and a reduction of weight on your structure which will increase the value of your home. Additionally, you may qualify for an energy tax rebate by switching to metal. Since metal decreases green house gases and reflects solar rays, it is a very energy efficient alternative to asphalt and can provide an energy conservation rebate which would bring your total cost down considerably.

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Cost of Metal Roofing