Design Gallery of Kitchen Granite Countertops

Absolute Black Granite

This design gallery of kitchen granite countertops is intended to provide you with a view of the variety of colors and styles that are available when you replace your existing countertop with one made of granite. Granite offers more color options than almost every other material.

One of the more popular choices for the contemporary, high-class look is Absolute Black which is offered in an almost purely black color, or a slightly mottled pattern.

Astoria Granite Countertop

If your cabinets and the general color scheme of your kitchen centers upon beige, light brown or other "earthy" colors, another excellent option is to go with Astoria granite. Astoria comes in a few varieties, some with more veins and fewer mottled spots, or vice versa depending on your taste. The color scheme blends well with the overall earth-toned kitchen, but provides enough dark color throughout the design to contrast the rest of the kitchen.

White Granite and Dark Kitchens

Just as many homeowners choose black granite in a white or light-shaded kitchen, another option is to use white granite in a black or dark-colored kitchen. Countertops are most commonly a contrast point with the rest of the kitchen, and using white granite with mottled black or black veins creates a beautiful overall look. Granite colors for this look include Abrosia White, Azul Titanium, Bianco Romano, or Ivory White.

Matching Darker Earth Tones

If your kitchen is more of a country style with wood cabinets, or features darker earth tones in the furniture and floor like browns, tan or even a light orange or red hue, an excellent option for countertops is to install granite that incorporates each of those shades with large swirls and a soft base color.

Granite colors that can fulfill this need for your kitchen includes Typhoon Gold, Picasso, Kashmir Gold or even Golden Waves.

Black Granite With Infused Gold

Another excellent option for darker earth-toned kitchens with lots of wood, especially if you have black or gray in your appliances or your floor, is black granite infused with light colors mottled throughout.

The infused colors should match the tones throughout your kitchen, whether those are golds, reds or yellows. Some examples of black granite with these colors include Ibere Crema Bordeaux, Golden Silver, Sainta Cecilia or Ouro Brasil.

Black Granite With Infused Blue

If your kitchen features any blue tones, whether it's in the wall color or your floor design, another excellent choice is to go with black granite that incorporates shades or flecks of blue.

Examples of black granite with infused blue include Baltic Blue, Blue Pearl or Blue Valley.

Black Granite With Infused Green

Similar to the option for a blue-infused granite countertop with a black base, you can do the same with a green undertone. This is wonderful in a kitchen that has an overall green theme, or simply to introduce a natural touch to your kitchen. Combined with real greenery (think herbs and small plants) your kitchen can promote living "green" in more ways than one.

Some examples of dark granite with infused green colors include Golden Jade, Green Ocean or Green Ventura.

Observe Your Kitchen Colors

Granite comes in so many colors, that you are not limited in shade or pattern. You can focus on more of a solid shade, such as shown here with a golden creme base mottled with black, reds and browns throughout.

The key to choosing your granite countertop color is carefully observing the existing colors in your kitchen, and then searching out the perfect granite color that compliments all of those shades. This is easy to accomplish with granite because the selection of color is so vast.

Stone Colors in Granite

There are many choices in granite that also offer more of a stone appearance. This choice is perfect for kitchens that already have some stonework, or even browns and grays in the existing decor, such as in the backsplash or the existing walls. Always start with the colors you have, and work from there to incorporate the color scheme into your granite choice.

Some great "stoneware" color choices in granite include Green Galaxy, Ilhabella or Giblee or even just Imperial White.

Granite Offers Variety

Depending on the cut, the finish and other factors that go into the fabrication of your granite countertop, you really can have any look or style that you want.

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Design Gallery of Kitchen Granite Countertops