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You don't have to give up quality for price when choosing discount bathroom vanities.

Quality Discount Bathroom Vanities

When retailers sell bathroom vanities at a discounted price, it doesn't mean the vanities are constructed out of cheap materials like pressboard or plywood. Nor does it mean that the vanities are full of dings, scratches and dents. The majority of discounted vanities are offered for the following reasons:

  • Discontinued style: Bathroom vanity manufacturers stop making certain styles of vanities all the time. When this happens, the manufacturers deeply discount the old models of bathroom vanities to make room for the new models at retail stores.
  • Floor models: These showroom models may have tiny scratches that aren't visible, such as on the inside back of the door.
  • Overstocks" When a certain model doesn't sell well, manufacturers offer the overstock at discounted prices.

Where to Buy Discount Bathroom Vanities

Here are a few places for you to browse online to compare bathroom vanity prices.

  • Bath Gems: This online retailer offers contemporary style vanities at 30 to 50 percent off. An added bonus is many of the vanities include the faucet fixtures.
  • Decor Planet: If you're looking for contemporary style bathroom vanities, check out Décor Planet's selection.
  • Overstock: Beautiful bathroom vanities in all styles of décor shipped to your door for less than $3.

New Vanity Installation Checklist

There are a few thing you need to do before installing your beautiful new bathroom vanity:

  • Check for wall and floor damage. Once you remove the old vanity, you need to make sure the walls and floors do not have any mold or water damage. If you find areas that are damaged, fix them before installing your new vanity.
  • Cut out the holes for plumbing. You need to measure the distance from the floor to your plumbing and the diameter to know how big you need to make your holes. Then measure and cut the holes in the back of the vanity before installation.
  • Check to see if the floor is level. Using a long level, place it on the floor to see if it's level. If it isn't, consider leveling it out with a piece of plywood or by using shims.
  • Find and mark wall studs before installing the vanity. You have to anchor the vanity to these studs when installing. Use a stud finder and then mark each stud's location with a pencil on the wall.

Final Tips

Here are some final tips when buying bathroom vanities at discounted prices:

  • Check the construction. One of the best ways to check the construction of bathroom vanity cabinets is to look at the joints. If these joints are nailed, stapled or simply glued together, keep shopping. Look for joints that are dove-tailed.
  • Open the drawers. Once they're open, check the drawer slides. If the slides are made out of plastic or wood, avoid them. Plastic will break and wood will swell over time.
  • Look at the shelving . Shelving in the cabinet needs to be at least 5/8 of an inch thick. Anything less than that and the shelves will begin to warp and eventually break.
  • Call online retailers and ask questions before paying for anything. It's easy to inspect a bathroom vanity yourself when it's sitting in the store right in front of you, but buying online is different. Call the number on the website and give the representative the model name and number. Then ask about everything mentioned above and any other questions you have.
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