Drywall Repair Kits

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Keep one or two drywall repair kits on hand for those minor dents, dings and holes that happen to your drywall.

About Drywall Repair Kits

Drywall repair kits are designed to patch minor holes and dents. There are two main types of repair kits available on the market today, both online and at your local Home Depot or Lowe's stores.

  • Repair kits that come with an actual piece of drywall - These kits generally include the following, although the amount of joint compound and the size of the piece of drywall will vary by manufacturer.
    • 10 inch by one-half inch piece of drywall (otherwise known as gypsum board)
    • One pound back of quick-set joint compound
    • One tub for mixing joint compound
    • One small roll of drywall tape (either fiberglass or paper tape)
    • Sandpaper
    • One spackling knife
  • Repair kits that use a backing system or "drywall clips" - These kits do not come with a piece of drywall but contain backing material. This material is usually composed of metal or durable cardboard. The following are general items included in these types of kits:
    • Backing system
    • Fast setting joint compound
    • Mud tray
    • Spackling knife
    • Drywall tape
    • Sandpaper

Which Kit to Choose

Both types of kits claim to work really well for repairing minor holes and flaws in your drywall. When deciding which kit is best for you, take into account the following considerations before making your purchase.

  • Your skill level - If your skill level is fine hanging drywall, but leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to mudding and taping, choose a repair kit that provides you with an actual piece of drywall. Kits that utilize backing systems require much more mudding than those with actual pieces of drywall.
  • Measure the size of the hole - If someone has accidentally put a hole in your drywall, again, opt for the kits that offer actual pieces of drywall. Backing systems are often small and may not be sufficient to cover the size of the hole.
  • Don't buy either kit - Holes happen to drywall for various reasons, consider buying a small piece of drywall at your local home improvement store along with the following items:
    • A small roll of drywall tape
    • Spackling knife
    • A small tub of quick set joint compound
    • Sandpaper

By purchasing these items separately, you can store them for later use, as accidents and holes happen to your drywall. The cost will be higher in the beginning, but it will end up being considerably less than having to buy multiple drywall repair kits.

Repair Kits Available

If you have decided to get a kit because you don't have the storage space for even a small piece of drywall, you live in an apartment or you don't foresee your drywall becoming damaged in the future, there are a number of repair kits from which to choose.

  • Prest-On - These kits utilize metal drywall clips and come complete with everything you need to expertly repair your drywall.
  • The Complete Drywall Repair Kit - Offered online by Al's Home Improvement Center, this kit comes complete with an actual piece of drywall and all the necessary tools to make your repairs.
  • Fix-a-Hole - Made by JNK Products, this kit also uses a backing system and is intended for small patches only.
  • Sheetrock brand Repair Kits - The number one name in drywall, USG, offers a repair kit that contains drywall clips, screws, fiberglass tape and joint compound.
  • Renter's Repair Kit - This product, offered by Elmer's brand, is specifically geared toward renters and includes drywall repair items as well as caulking, Sticky Out sticky substance remover and stain remover wipes. This kit is perfect for when you are getting ready to move and want to get as much of your security deposit back as possible.
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