Exterior Shutters

Exterior shutters add instant curb appeal to your home.

If you are looking for a dramatic accent to give your home instant curb appeal, consider exterior shutters. There is nothing that can revitalize and add value to your home so easily and inexpensively as outdoor shutters. Give your home a face lift by adding shutters in a complementary or contrasting color to the overall house, paint your door the same punchy color, and like magic, your home looks more charming and beautiful!

Materials for Outside Shutters

Outdoor shutters come in a variety of colors, shapes, standard and custom sizes, and price ranges. Shutters which are fixed in place and used only to enhance the appearance of the home are known as decorative window shutters, decorative house shutters, non-functional shutters, or faux shutters. Functional exterior shutters may provide solar control, security, and keep windows safe from damage in inclement weather conditions such as hurricanes and snow weight.

Materials used in the construction of outdoor shutters vary in price and quality, with wood traditionally prized for its incomparably rich color, textural depth, and classic style. Budget-wise vinyl varies greatly in price, but if you choose a high quality premium product, fixed decorative vinyl exterior shutters have the power to transform the façade of any home.

Wood Shutters

Wood shutters are wonderfully warm and charming and if you prefer the rich warmth of wood shutters, the following are the most common choices:

  1. Cedar wood comes from any evergreen tree of the genus Cedrus. These species are proven resistant to termites and moisture absorption so they make a great choice for wood outdoor shutters.
  2. Cypress wood comes from a coniferous tree constituting the genus Cupressus-cypress is highly sought after for its milling functions and outdoor shutters made of cypress look incredibly rich and beautiful
  3. Pine wood comes from any evergreen tree of the genus Pinus and is the most common wood building material in North America.
  4. Redwood shutters are constructed from the wood of the tall majestic redwood tree, primarily grown in California. Redwood trees are coniferous trees of the genus Sequoia sempervirens.

Aluminum Shutters

Aluminum shutters have evolved to become a popular relatively inexpensive replacement for wood shutters as they are extremely durable and fairly low maintenance.

Fiberglass Shutters

Fiberglass shutters are constructed with pultruded fiberglass shapes for the stiles and the louvers and renowned for their exceptional strength and durability. Fiberglass shutters are a high-end quality product and often found on upscale homes.

Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl shutters, also commonly called plastic shutters, are made of vinyl or co-polymer. They are built using plastic injection molding then fastened together using sonic welding. Standard sized shutters are injection molded as one piece. Vinyl shutters are typically the least expensive exterior shutter option.

Medium Density Fiber Shutters

Medium density fiber (MDF) is a composite material that consists of wood particles embedded in a resin (or glue) to form a solid piece.

Shutter Styles

You will find all of the following styles at many online venues, including Decorative Shutters and Shutter Contractor.

  • Faux louvered shutters are constructed to look like fixed louver shutters with the louvered part of the shutter made from a solid section-these shutters do not actually let light or air pass through and are typically mounted as decorative shutters.
  • Louver (louvre) shutters, also known as slat shutters, are constructed with a frame and angled slats that can control the amount of light that passes through them.
  • Bahama shutters, also known as island shutters or Bermuda shutters, refer to a single shutter that covers the entire window (or a portion) that is hinged at the top and has standoffs on the sides to hold the bottom out, giving it the effect of an awning. When open, Bahama shutters allow diffused light to shine into the room. A practical application is solar control and hurricane control.
  • Rolling shutters are available for both the interior and exterior and stored in a housing above the window (or door). They roll down over the window and provide security or hurricane protection.
  • Bi-fold shutters are attached to the wall with one set of hinges and also have another set of hinges in the center of the shutter vertically. Bi-fold shutters are literally folded over twice when opening and usually held in the open position using shutter tie backs.
  • Board and batten are made of vertical boards and horizontal cross members called battens. The battens are used to fasten the shutter assembly together and support the vertical boards.

Manufacturers of Exterior Shutters

Alcoa is one of the largest manufacturers of home building materials in the world and was established 75 years ago. Alcoa offers a wide range of durable high quality co-polymer shutters for those discriminating consumers who wish to have the look of genuine wood without the hefty price tag. Alcoa shutters are available at Shutter Contractor.

Mid-America manufactures the most economical option for shutters. Their shutters are a popular choice for standard or custom shutters, paintable shutters, louvered shutters, panel shutters, or board and batten shutters. Mid-America shutters are available at Decorative Shutters.

Visit Decorative Shutters for a great selection of wood shutters made of western red cedar, mahogany, cypress, Spanish cedar, or pine (upon request),

Enhance Your Home's Exterior With Shutters

Shutters have come a long way. With such a multitude of options available today, you can make your home the centerpiece of your neighborhood quickly and easily by installing decorative outdoor shutters.

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