Exterior Wood Door with Screened Window

A screen door with windows adds cottage charm.

If you are looking for an exterior wood door with screened window, you no longer have to settle for the run of the mill rectangle and square designs. New styles of wood doors come in a variety of designs.

Exterior Wood Door with Screened Window Designs

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Exterior Wood Doors: More Fashionable than Functional

An Exterior wood door with screened window is not as functional as a more modern designed storm door. Exterior wood doors will keep the bugs out, but they do not offer any insulating properties, so make sure you have a sturdy exterior door behind it in order to protect your home from heat and energy loss.Aside from not offering any insulating properties, these doors are also more delicate than modern screened doors made of fiberglass, aluminum or metal and do not stand up to everyday wear and tear as well.

So you may want to consider installing your exterior wood door in an entryway that isn't used that often, like a side or back door. Another option is to install this door at the main entrance of your house if you and your family predominately use the back and side doors.

Proper Exterior Wood Door Care

In order to ensure that your exterior wood door will look beautiful for years to come, take proper care of the wood and the screen.

  • Seal the wood surface - If you buy a door that is pre-painted, the paint should provide an adequate seal for the wood. If it doesn't, choose a latex or oil-based exterior paint with a high-gloss sheen. High-gloss sheen paints are more durable than flat-sheened paints.
  • Install a screen door spring - These springs are widely available and simple to install. Screen door springs will ensure that your door properly closes and latches. They also prevent the wind from catching the door and blowing it open, which would cause damage to the screen and the door itself.
  • Consider installing weather stripping around the doorjamb - Weather stripping will help to prevent heat and energy loss. Installing weather stripping on the inside of the doorjamb will not at all detract from the beauty of your exterior wood door with screened window.
  • Don't allow anyone to push on the screened window - This will not only cause the screen to rip and tear but could also damage any delicate woodwork along the corners of the screened in window.
  • If you have small children, consider installing a hook and eye latch - Install a small hook and eye latch out of your children's reach so they do not wander outside of the house without you knowing.

Wood Exterior Doors Add Curb Appeal

There is something warm and inviting about wood exterior doors with screened windows. Beautifully designed exterior wood doors are charming and attractive and convey a sense of welcome to whomever crosses the threshold. These doors allow homeowners a way to personalize their home with the door design and door color. Taking proper care or your door by periodically repainting the wood and replacing the window screen will ensure that your door will last for many, many years.

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