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Farmhouse style molding is usually simple and not as intricate as the molding you might find in a grand Southern-style home or in a New England, Cape Cod-style home. However, there are many different ways to put together a crown molding that will work well with farmhouse decor. The most important thing to note is where you want to install the molding, and then decide whether or not you want to pair it with beadboard, such as in a bathroom, office or child's bedroom.

What Is Crown Molding?

First thing's first--crown molding is defined as a strip of material that has a variety of cross sections used to cover transitions between the wall and the ceiling. They are purely decorative today, but in the past, they were used to hide less-than-perfect wall/ceiling seams and to give rooms more height and interest. Molding is traditionally made from solid milled wood, but today you can also find it made from plaster, plastic or fabricated wood composites.

Farmhouse Style

While you are teaching yourself about the various styles of crown molding, it might be helpful to school yourself about classic farmhouse decor so you can get an idea of what style molding will best fit in your home.

Below are some key aspects of farmhouse decor:

  • An informal feel with furnishings and accessories that are simple and homey
  • Traditional wood furniture that is slightly worn looking and shabby chic

  • A vibrant color scheme with a color palette of bold reds, blues and green

  • Upholstery is very traditional with large and small floral patterns, checks, lace and eyelet

  • Wooden floors, often whitewashed, or bleached with large cotton rag rugs
  • Accessories such as antiqued metals, architectural salvage pieces, natural elements such as ferns, geraniums and daisies
  • Terra-cotta tiles, stone floors and countertops

Farmhouse Style Images

Below are a few sets of images to help you get an idea of what farmhouse decor and different types of crown molding look like.

  • Country Living features a stunning farmhouse in Pennsylvania. In the library, bright green dentil molding gives a vibrant jolt to the design of the home. Throughout the home, white-painted molding defines the ample window space.
  • This Old House features an excellent guide to crown molding, revealing every style, from highly intricate and traditional to more simple styles that will look great with farmhouse decor. Look at pages 3, 4, 6, and 8 for the best examples of farmhouse-style crown molding.

Farmhouse Style Molding Resources

If you are looking for crown molding, there are hundreds of resources to choose from. There are also dozens of different price points to choose from, depending on your budget. Most importantly, choose something that will go with the farmhouse style. Remember that simple is best. There is no room for intricate or elaborate designs in a farmhouse.

  • Tabor, based out of Denver, Colorado, has several stocked moldings, and can also create custom designs for your home. For a farmhouse, consider Classic, Stark or Tabor Crown molding.
  • Home sells Decramold solid wood moldings in several different styles. Consider the Dentil or Rope styles for your farmhouse interior.
  •'s selection of in-stock crown is extensive. If you can't find exactly what you need, the company can also custom design millwork for you as well.
  • sells flexible molding

molding, which is less likely to warp or expand than solid wood. This molding is already primed white so painting is easy and you only have to use a few brad nails. The moldings come in several different styles and patterns, such as the Modern cornice and Dentil Cornices, which are both excellent for farmhouse style.

Once you have chosen your style, decide if you want to hire professionals to install it, or whether you want to cut it and install it yourself. Either way, crown is a wonderful way to bring a lot of Old World charm to your home.

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Farmhouse Style Molding