Frameless Glass Shower Doors

frameless glass shower doors

Frameless glass shower doors offer the homeowner much more than a sleek design. With these frameless doors there are no crevices for the soap scum, dirt, and bacteria to get into. This makes the doors much easier to keep sparking clean. The doors also last longer because the dirt shortens the life of the shower door by weakening the frame and causing more wear on the hinges. The durability of the shower doors means that your investment will be paying dividends for years to come, and may increase the desirability of your home should you decide to sell it.

Things to Consider

There are many things to consider, whether you are planning a bathroom renovation or a completely new bathroom. Deciding on the shower is a big part of that. If you are going to be installing specialty tiles, for example, using a frameless shower door could enhance the look of the bathroom rather than interfering with it.

Consider the many different types and styles when you figure your remodeling budget so that you can prioritize your purchases.

  • Since frameless shower doors swing in and out you will need to decide where you want the hinges.
  • Do you want the door off-set or centered between two pieces of glass?
  • What type of hinge will you want?
  • What type of handle do you want?
  • Will there be a towel bar affixed to the glass?
  • What type of finish will you want?
  • What is the style of your bathroom?
  • What thickness of glass would you like?
  • What shape is the shower area you will want to install the door in?
  • Do you have any special needs to consider, such as wheelchair use?

Facts About Frameless Glass Shower Doors

  • The handles, as well as the hinges, are mounted directly through the glass, making them sturdier and longer lasting than the old fashioned, framed shower doors.
  • Any decorative aspect of the room, including the tile, will be shown to its best advantage. With the growing popularity of specialty tiles and installing them in intricate patterns, the unframed glass gives an unimpeded view of every detail.
  • The doors come in 3/8" and 1/2" glass, which is heavier and more durable than the 3/16" glass on the framed shower doors. This thicker glass creates a more luxurious look in the shower enclosure.
  • The frameless shower doors are safe. The glass is tempered and difficult to break. The tempering process changes the structure of the glass, so that if it does happen to break it shatters in tiny pieces. This reduces the risks of serious injury.
  • The doors can be specifically designed to your space, creating a unique look. Because of the way the doors are put together they can be used in a variety of styles. Curved shower spaces are possible, as well as other unusual shapes. This adds a designer touch to any bathroom.
  • This type of shower door is a must for a barrier-free home. Because they can be flush with the floor, and made to order in any width, a shower that will accommodate a wheelchair can be incorporated beautifully. For this reason these showers are an important consideration in bathroom designs for the elderly and handicapped.
  • If you are remodeling a small bathroom, these types of shower doors can help to open up the space and make the room look bigger and more luxurious. The doors were first designed and used in Europe and the use of them in the smallest bathroom gives it that stylized look.

Sources for the Doors

The frameless glass shower doors are challenging to install because of their weight, as well as the unique design elements. There are many sources for the beautiful doors on the Internet. Even if you plan on getting your doors locally, these resources will show you the versatility of these doors, and help you to get ideas.

  • eShowerDoor ships full kits, created to your space specifications.
  • Heavylux has gorgeous design ideas.
  • Artistcraft has some interesting styles of patterned glass that makes your shower area even more unique.

Of course, one of your best sources is going to be your local Home Depot, or Lowes, or whatever home improvement store you have in your area. By visiting and talking to the salespeople, you will be able to get a better idea of what your needs are, and what is available to you.

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Frameless Glass Shower Doors