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Garage floor paint comes in many types and colors. This quick project cannot only enhance the overall beauty of your home, it can help to protect your garage floor from staining and damage. This is why car dealerships, automotive shops, and other businesses that deal with cars keep their floors painted.

Types of Garage Floor Paint

There are three basic types of paint formulated to be used on garage floors:

  • Latex
  • Oil
  • Epoxy

Each of these has unique characteristics. In order to choose the best one for your particular floor you will need to consider the positive and negative qualities of the three types. Keep in mind that any painted surface will flake, chip, and eventually need touch-ups or repainting.


Latex is probably the most popular floor paint among do-it-yourselfers. It is easy to use and easy to clean up. Latex garage floor paint adheres well to a properly prepared garage floor.

Moisture is not a problem with latex as the properties of the paint allow evaporation of water. This is a benefit, especially in humid climates, because it can keep mold and mildew from forming in your garage.

Latex floor paints are applied directly to the concrete. There is no need to etch or do much more than make sure it is clean. You will want to put down two coats of the paint, one as a primer and the second as a finish coat.

Clean up is a breeze with just water.


Epoxy floor paint is more difficult to use and has more steps than using latex or oil. These special paints are the most durable of the three types and control dampness well. Epoxy paint is designed for concrete garage floors. Because it is specifically formulated for this, oil stains are actually absorbed into the paint. When using epoxy floor paint the garage floor will need to be power washed, etched, and painted in a couple of steps. Paint flakes can be added to the floor to make the color more interesting. The epoxy requires the mixing of different types of substances to create a chemical reaction and bond. Many people prefer to have a contractor apply this specialized paint.


Oil-based floor paints offer the ease of latex with the durability of epoxy. The final floor will have a shiny finish.The oil paints will need to be applied over oil-based concrete primer. Clean up is more difficult with the oil-based paints as it requires mineral spirits to get rid of the oil.

Ideas for Painted Floors

You may be wondering what your finished floor will look like. Online galleries can give you an idea of the different options and what will work for you the best. Some online image galleries include:

Where to Find Paint

Locally you should be able to find many different types of paints for your garage at either Home Depot or Lowes. The Internet has several resources for paint as well, such as:

Garage floor paint can add years of life to your garage floor as well as create a more pleasant area. If you are planning on selling your home this could be an inexpensive way to set your home apart from the rest and draw potential buyers.

If you have decided that painting the garage floor is not for you then perhaps you may want to consider Garage Floor tiles.

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