Glass Tile Backsplash Ideas

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are a wonderful addition to a kitchen design. Each tile reflects light, which can brighten even the darkest kitchen. Whether your glass tiles are brightly colored, or more neutral in color like these mosaics, they are sure to enhance your kitchen's decor.


While mosaics are one of the more popular ways to use glass tiles in a backsplash, glass tiles are available in more traditional tile sizes as well. These subway glass tiles bring a modern twist to a traditional design behind the cooktop.


Glass tiles are also available in colors and patterns not normally found in other tiles. This simple green backsplash brightens up the kitchen in two ways; the glass reflects light while the color draws the eye.

Mixed Color Mosaic

One of the best things about using a mosaic glass tile on your backsplash is the ability to blend several different colors into the design all at once. This blend utilizes predominately neutral colors, with the occasional deeper color for contrast.

Solid Mosaics


Mosaic glass tiles also come in solid colored sheets. Each tile reflects light individually, so the effect is extremely striking when using a bold color like this blue.

Stacked Mini Subway

In addition to loose tiles and square mosaics, glass also comes in unique patterns such as these 1x2 mini subway tiles. Instead of being offset, the tiles are stacked for a more contemporary look.

Elongated Subway

Another unique tile pattern often seen in glass tile is the 1x6 subway shape. These hand-poured and hand-cut tiles have a natural variation with veining that moves across the elongated tiles.


Pebble tiles are popular for many tile installations throughout the home. Substituting stone pebbles for glass helps to brighten and enliven the installation, while still providing the same Zen or spa quality the stone pebbles do.

Falling Water

A falling water pattern mixes different lengths of tiles in a vertical pattern. The effect is as if the tiles were raining down your backsplash. This pattern with the unexpected pops of red help to draw and hold the eye on the backsplash.

Shifting Directions

Liven up your backsplash and create a focal point by changing the direction in which the glass tiles run. These tiles are arranged in a typical falling water pattern, but are moving horizontally along the counters until they reach the cooktop. At this point, they turn and move up the wall, drawing the eye along with them.


Penny tiles are a fun way to add some whimsy and movement to your backsplash. Using glass tiles in a range of sizes for the pennies injects even more life into the backsplash.

Glass Accents

Glass tiles are wonderful by themselves, but they also help liven up a backsplash made of other materials. Consider installing a few glass mosaics to break up a stone backsplash. The light will hit the two materials differently, which will capture and attract the eye.

For more kitchen backsplash ideas, consider having a look at some simple patterns.

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Glass Tile Backsplash Ideas