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Home improvement contests are beneficial to both consumers and manufacturers. Contests are just one way manufacturers draw attention to a particular product line, and homeowners reap the rewards of free merchandise and remodeling.

Finding Home Improvement Contests

Home improvement contests are easy to find. There is such a focus now on do-it-yourself projects, interior design, landscaping, and other home-centered ventures that almost every makeover show, magazine, and home improvement store extends opportunities to win.

Media Programs

Many companies partner with popular home improvement shows to offer big giveaways.

The remodeling show On the House with The Carey Brothers has a special web page dedicated to home improvement opportunities. Frequent promotions include chances to win new doors, decks, and other construction projects.

The website for the DIY Network features a variety of home improvement sweepstakes. New garages, backyard BBQ centers, even a brand new home are just a few of the prizes featured. This network is affiliated with other home-centric channels, including the Food Network, HGTV, and Fine Living. If you want to go for the home gold, enter HGTV's Dream Home Sweepstakes.


For kitchen remodeling, there's no better place to scope out contests than cooking magazines. Exceptional appliances, lovely kitchen cabinets, and other cook's nooks and notions are frequently advertised, and many of those advertisements include promotional giveaways.

You'll find some of the advertised contests featured on magazine websites, too. For example, Cooking Light has a contest page offering a variety of contests, including trips, kitchen makeovers, and a cook's gift basket filled with fine cookware and accessories.

Other home improvement magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens sponsor contests as well.

Manufacturer Websites and Displays

Go direct to the source for items such as hot tubs, bathroom accessories, new flooring or tile, appliances, doors and replacement windows, and other remodeling needs.

For example, American Standard's plumbing and fixtures website offers assorted promotions, including The Ugliest Bath Contest, as well as free periodicals you can order to aid your remodeling efforts.

Hardware and Home Improvement Stores

Many retail outlets are co-sponsors of contests and sweepstakes, or are good advertising points for promotions. For example, Home Depot regularly has various contents and sweepstakes going on that they advertise on their Sweepstakes page.

Things to Remember

  • Products and services may be taxable income. You might think a $50,000 dream kitchen makeover sounds enchanting, but the reality is that you'll have to pay a third of that winning dollar amount in taxes. Evaluate your planned project budget before submitting the entry form to make sure you have enough to cover that expense.
  • Take time to read the fine print. Manufacturers create home improvement contests to promote a product or service. While you may win the design and lumber for a new deck, variable factors such as construction, debris takeaway, construction incidentals, and so on may be your responsibility.
  • Your timeline may not be the promotional timeline. Quite often, contests coincide with a major product launch, a grand opening of a new store, or the unveiling of a new website, book, or television show. Additionally, depending on the contest structure, the entry timeline may last as long as 10 months, and the award granting may take up to another year. If you're trying to spruce up your home before a sale or for a backyard wedding, it might not be prudent to rely on a contest to get the job done.
  • Beware of scams. Most contests do not require a purchase to enter. Make sure there is a full copy of the rules available at the point of entry. You shouldn't have to provide much more than contact information, a short essay, or a digital picture for entry, so if the advertised promotion asks for proprietary or unusual information, stay away.

Give It a Try

If you have patience, review the rules, and already have a reasonable budget set aside, there is no reason not to fill out a registration slip or an entry card. Thousands of people win home improvement contests - and you could be next!

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