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When you have to make repairs on your home, you need to get an idea of the total home repair costs before beginning so you don't end up running out of money before the project is complete.

Major Home Repair Costs

Nothing inspires moans and groans from homeowners more than discovering their home needs unanticipated major repairs. Major repairs may include, but aren't limited to:

  • Roofing
  • Driveway/sidewalk repaving
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • HVAC repairs
  • Foundation repairs

The most common and often the most dreaded of the above list are roofing, electrical and plumbing. None of them are fun to do, most of them require the work of a professional and all of them are messy, difficult jobs.

Estimated Cost for Roof Repairs

If your roof has to be repaired, there really is no putting it off until you have the time or money. If it isn't repaired soon after the damage is discovered, it can quickly lead to a number of other problems like water damage in your attic and walls. Here are a few estimates to repair your roof from Home Inspector Locator:

  • Installation of shingles only: The cost estimate for installing new shingles over existing ones is about two dollars a square foot. This can only be done if you have one layer of shingles. If you have more than one, you have to tear the old shingles off before having new ones installed.
  • Removing old shingles and replacing them with new ones: Expect to pay between three and four dollars per square foot.
  • Flashing: If you need new flashing around your chimney or skylight, tack an additional $300 to $500 on to your roof repair bill.

Estimated Cost of Electrical Repairs

All major electrical work is best left to professionals. Things like putting in new outlets and light sockets are just fine for the average do-it-yourselfer, but if you need to upgrade your electrical system or add circuits, call an electrician. Electrical work is very dangerous and if it's done incorrectly it is hazardous and can lead to electrical fires.

  • Electrical upgrade: If you're upgrading to 100 amps, expect to pay around $1,500. The cost of upgrading to 200 amps is around $1,800.
  • Adding circuits: Expect to pay around $200 if you're adding a 120 volt circuit to your breaker box and $275 if adding a 240.

Estimated Cost for Plumbing Repairs

Installing toilets and new sinks is a pretty simple job, so it's fine to do those things yourself, but major plumbing is another tricky repair that really should be left to a professional plumber. The last thing anyone wants is for your sewage pipe to back up into the house.

  • Replace piping: A typical two-story house will cost around $2,200.
  • Replace water line running to the house: This varies greatly, between $1,500 and $3,500.

HVAC Repairs

Every homeowner knows that if the furnace or air conditioning unit begins to go on the fritz that it's going to cost them a good chunk of cash to get the problem fixed.

  • Replace the heat pump on a furnace: This costs around $1,000.
  • Replace air conditioning compressor: This will also run you around $1,000.

Other Estimated Home Repair Costs

Here a final few common home repair estimates:

  • Replace insulation (fiberglass rolls): $1.50 to two dollars per square foot
  • Blown insulation: Three dollars per square foot
  • Waterproofing for foundation walls: Between $50 and $100 per linear foot
  • Repairing minor cracks in a poured concrete foundation: $400 to $800
  • Replacing damaged support beam post (concrete basement): $200 to $400

Pricing Tips

Before making a final decision on a contractor, be sure to get at least three quotes to make sure you're getting the best price in town. Remember that prices vary depending on your location and the extent of repairs needed, so these estimates should only be used as a guideline. Finally, remember that cheaper isn't always better, after all, for most people, their home is the single largest investment they will make in their lives.

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