Interior Window Shutters

interior window shutters
Interior window shutters are a great addition to any room of the house.

Interior window shutters offer a stylish change of pace for anyone looking for a window treatment that screams sophistication. Interior shutters offer privacy and control over the amount of light entering your home. Most shutters come primed and ready to paint or unfinished so you can add you own personal flair. Indoor window shutters can also be custom made to fit windows of almost any size or shape.

Types of Interior Window Shutters

There are several different types of indoor window shutters being manufactured, although three styles are most commonly used.

Traditional Style Shutters

Also called Colonial Style Shutters, traditional shutters are 3/4-inch thick with 1-1/4-inch wide louvers. While some have flat louvers, most traditional shutters have a wedge-shaped louver with a ridge down the center. Traditional style interior window shutters can be designed in a number of different panel configurations depending on the size you need. In recent years, manufacturers of window shutters have shifted focus to producing plantation style shutters, making it difficult to find traditional shutters to purchase.

Plantation Style Shutters

This type of interior window shutter comes in a variety of different size louvers that range from 1-7/8-inch to 5-1/2-inch. Plantation shutter louvers are available in two styles. Most manufacturers use an elliptical-style louver that is thicker in the middle and tapers down in the front and back. This type is stronger and more durable than the flat style, which is available from most manufacturers on request.

Stained Glass Window Shutters

This is a beautiful blend of oak or another wood surrounding a stained glass panel or panels. Available in custom sizes, stained glass window shutters make an excellent choice for that odd-sized window. With many different patterns and customization available, you will easily find a window to match any décor.

Installing Interior Window Shutters

Installing indoor window shutters is a four step process:

  1. Determine if you are going to mount the shutters on the inside or the outside of the window opening. If you mount shutters on the outside you will need to purchase and use hanging strips.
  2. Measure whichever opening you are going to use. Make sure the shutter you have fits that measurement. If the shutter you purchased is bigger than the space you are putting it trim it to fit. If outside mount is your installation method of choice, remember to allow for the hanging strips when calculating your shutter size requirements.
  3. Apply finish or paint to your shutters. This can be a nice stain and varnish, or if you want your window shutters to match a certain color, prime and paint them. If you prime and paint the shutters, use whatever primer is recommended by the manufacturer of the topcoat. If top coat and primer do not mesh well, you could end up having to sand the shutters and start over.
  4. Position the shutter in the opening. Use a pair of spacers between the shutter and the windowsill to make sure opening the shutter in the future will be easy. Mark the hinge position on the window frame or hanging strip. Mount the hinge where marked. If you are using the outside mount, adjust the hanging strips so you have a uniform gap around the panels, then secure the hanging strips permanently.

A Final Note on Shutters

Interior window shutters are a wonderful alternative to vinyl blinds and other types of window coverings. Because window shutter styles and prices can vary dramatically, shop around or look through various home improvement catalogs before making any final decisions.

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Interior Window Shutters