Kitchen Backsplash Material Options

Simple Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

It may be harder to decide on one design than it is finding kitchen backsplash ideas for your new or updated kitchen. There are many materials, colors, styles and designs to choose from in all price ranges. The choices are as endless for the do-it-yourselfer as they are for someone hiring a contractor. Creating the perfect backsplash begins with selecting the right material.

Choose Your Backsplash Material

There are a number of materials that are well suited for backsplashes. Each of them has positive and negative qualities. Learn about the various options so that you can make an informed selection.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel creates a modern look in the kitchen. The backsplashes go with nearly any countertop style,and blend well with stainless kitchen appliances. They are durable, heat resistant and easy to clean. Stainless is the choice of most commercial kitchens because of these positive qualities. However, stainless can be scratched. Acidic foods, chlorine bleach, and harsh chemicals can ruin the finish or cause staining if they are not rinsed off quickly and thoroughly. High-grade stainless steel can be expensive.

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Tile backsplashes can be colorful, subtle or rustic, depending on the type of tile you use. Some of the options are:

Tiles are easy to install yourself and easy to clean. They are heat resistant and, with the exception of natural stone, stain resistant. The grout can become discolored and be hard to clean, however, if you don't seal it completely after installing your tile.


Wallpaper is an inexpensive, and quick backsplash idea. It, too, is easy to install. Splashes to the wallpaper may be difficult to clean off, however, and very humid conditions in some kitchen areas may cause peeling.

Other Choices

Backsplashes can be covered in any material you can conceive of. If a traditional backsplash isn't what you had in mind, consider using any one of these alternatives instead:

  • Mirror tiles: Mirror tiles make an interesting backsplash and are easy to keep clean. They are great for adding light and space to a small or dark kitchen. Mirror tiles are simple to install yourself and will match any style of kitchen. They are breakable, though, and care will need to be taken with them.
  • Magnetic whiteboard: This is a fantastic idea from HGTV for installing a backsplash that you can put recipes up on with magnets as well as write notes on with dry erase markers. This is easily cleaned and replaced.
  • Antique ceiling tiles: Antique ceiling tiles are beautiful in a country style kitchen. Used as a backsplash they provide color and texture. They are not as easy to keep clean as some of the other materials because of their age.
  • Cork: Cork kitchen backsplashes are very helpful to have. They are a great place to leave notes and information. Cork is very hard to clean, though, and it can wear out easily.
  • Tongue and groove wainscoting: Tongue and groove is great for country and vintage looking kitchens. Painted with a good, scrubbable paint, it is easy to clean and maintain. The wood can be gouged and is not heat resistant.
  • Chalkboard paint: Chalkboard paint is one kind of paint that is easily cleaned and is a good candidate for a backsplash. Notes can be written on it, and easily washed off.

Pictures of Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Get some visual inspiration at any of these slideshows and galleries:

Create Your Backsplash Today

Creating your unique kitchen is a satisfying project. Use these kitchen backsplash ideas as a jumping off place for other ideas. A beautiful kitchen is a valuable asset to any home; a fantastic backsplash is the key to making your kitchen more beautiful.

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Kitchen Backsplash Material Options