Mirrored Closet Doors

mirrored closet doors

Mirrored closet doors might be practical and relatively inexpensive, but with the wrong décor, they can look cheap. Follow some practical guidelines to make sure your mirrored closet doors create the right look in your home interior.

When to Install Mirrored Closet Doors

When decorating on a budget. Mirrored doors are relatively inexpensive compared to wood paneled and bifold closet doors. They average about $175 in price. Custom kits for hard-to-fit doors only cost approximately $75. Mirrored doors are relatively easy to install which saves money on labor. The hardware is usually preassembled.

When you need to make a room brighter. Mirrors can make a room appear brighter. Consider mirrored doors on your closet when you have very little natural light or dark walls and floors.

When you want to enlarge a small space. Mirrored doors can make a small room appear a lot larger. Use mirrored doors to make a small bedroom feel expansive and less claustrophobic. When you use a sliding mirrored door on your closet, you save interior space because the door won't open up into the room.

Mirrored doors don't have to stay in the bedroom. They can brighten and enlarge a bathroom and a utility closet as well. Just make sure the glass is shatterproof if you install a mirrored door in the bathroom or a high traffic area.

Where to Buy Mirrored Closet Doors

Sites where you can find mirrored doors include:

How to Decorate with Mirrored Doors

To make a mirrored door work with your interior, consider the look you are trying to achieve. With some planning, mirrored doors can work with the most traditional to the most modern designs. Some mirrored doors come in wood frames including cherry, oak and white ash. These styles are a great choice for traditional décor and are very eye catching. The mix of glass and wood is striking.Even if you don't choose a wooden door frame, you can still mix materials to create a beautiful room. If your doors are mirrored, use wood furniture, and rich colored fabrics to offset the sleek glass. If you prefer a more modern look, then choose a beveled glass to make the door the room's focal point and keep all the other furnishings simple. Avoid cheap furnishings in a room with mirrored closets or your interior will look like a low rent apartment. Also, steer clear of shag rugs and plastic furnishings unless you are trying for retro, space-age decor.

How to Install Mirrored Doors

Sliding mirrored doors are easier to install than bi-fold doors. Sliding closet doors are installed on tracks. You need to install a track at the top and the bottom of the door frame. Measure the tracks very carefully before you cut them to size. Temporarily install the tracks and make sure the doors glide easily before you install them permanently. Unlike wood doors, you cannot use a sander or a plane to get the perfect fit after the fact. Look for doors that have preassembled hardware. This will cut down on install time and headaches.

Finally, remember that if you want the convenience of having a mirror by the closet, but you don't like the look of a mirrored door, you can always install the glass facing into the closet.

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