Monorail Lighting Fixtures

Monorail Lighting Fixtures

Monorail lighting fixtures present decorating options to light any room, whether it has straight or geometric contours. Such dexterity is made possible by the bendable metallic track that supports the low-voltage halogen lamps. This monorail is available in 4, 6 and 8 foot lengths, which the installer can cut and join with couplers to provide customized lengths.

Advantages of Monorail Light Fixtures

Low-voltage monorail light fixtures provide ample options for customized styling when choosing lighting for your new home or remodeling project. Contemporary designs not only provide energy-efficient choices, but the bendable rail opens numerous alternatives for task or accent lighting for anywhere in the house, including your kitchen, bedroom, finished basement, or office. Advantages when installing monorail lighting include:

  • Flexibility: Monorail can be bent to match gentle curves in your decor.
  • Variety: It is available in premium finishes, including brushed nickel, gold, chrome, and antique bronze and range from simple to contemporary metallic or elegant glass shades.
  • Easy to mount: These fixtures can be used even along irregular ceilings and walls.
  • Attractive: The support rail doesn't need to be hidden but instead can be incorporated as an element of design.

Disadvantages of Monorail Lighting

Because most monorail lighting fixtures are low voltage, the total wattage is limited. Power transformers help to step down line voltage from 120 volts to the low 12-volt voltage upon installation.However, a recently developed monorail system overcomes this limitation. The newer lighting system offers more options for larger lighting projects. When purchasing your monorail light fixtures, be sure to check voltage and total wattage limitations to assure that your lighting fixture choice will provide the look and illumination you desire.


Along with the advantage of flexibility and a variety of finishes, monorail light fixtures also offer a host of styles that can be positioned exactly where you want them. If you are looking for a way to add interest to a room, rich colored glass, aluminum heads, pivots, glass pressed into geometric shapes and many more features are available in lighting that not only blocks glare but also targets a task area or offers soft accent lighting. Some popular choices include:

This is only a small representation of the styles available to help you blend your monorail light fixtures into your existing décor.


Monorail Lighting Kits

For the do-it-yourselfer with little or no experience, monorail lighting fixtures can be purchased in kits ready to install. You can find these kit systems at local home improvement centers like Home Depot or Lowe's or at a variety of lighting retailers online.

These monorail kits will have the needed hardware, including power transformers. Fixtures are not usually included in the monorail kit, but are purchased separately to accommodate individual taste and décor needs.

Installing Monorail Lighting

Monorail lighting fixtures can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. Although the monorail itself is not difficult to install and makes a perfect solution to curved walls and irregular ceilings, it's important to first determine the length of monorail needed. To ascertain the amount you'll need, first use a string to map the layout for your light fixture. Once you've done this, measure the string's length to calculate the length of rail.

If your purchase pieces for your monorail system individually instead of purchasing a kit, make sure you have the following:

  • A flexible rail that can be bent
  • Transformer (150 to 300 watts)
  • Fixtures to be situated on the rail where you want them
  • Lamps

Know What You Want

Before you purchase your monorail fixtures, visit a local home improvement center or lighting showroom. There you'll find examples of how monorail lighting is used to help you see what it will look like in your home. Another option is to make notes as you visit restaurants, doctors' offices and other retail establishments that use monorail lighting to create mood and ambiance.

Finding the look you'll want and incorporating it your home will usher in years of satisfaction and enjoyment.

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