Where to Shop for Patio Remodeling Supplies

A recently remodeled patio.

Now that you've decided on how to create that outdoor room that's right for your family, how do you find outdoor patio remodeling home improvement stores that have all of the supplies and advice that you'll need to finish the project?

What to look for at Outdoor Patio Remodeling Home Improvement Stores

When searching for a home improvement store to help you with you patio project, consider the following:

  • Are they near to your home? - Rare is the home improvement project that only requires one trip to the store. Make sure that the store is near enough for that last minute run to get the item you forgot to purchase.
  • Specialty - Does the store stock the items you need for your project or do they have to special order them? It is best to deal with a store that regularly has the materials you need available.
  • Reputation - Has the store been around for a while? Do your friends, family, and office mates have good things to say about them? Reputation is important if you have to return something or if something you purchase is defective.

Larger Patio Remodeling Home Improvement Stores

Outdoor patio remodeling home improvement stores vary among regions of the country. However, some of the "big box" retailers offer sections in their stores for patio remodelers. Most of these sections are seasonal in the Midwest and Northeastern United States. Among these stores are:

  • Lowe's - This home improvement mecca sets up a separate garden section in the spring, summer, and fall months, with bedding plants, furniture, trellises, fencing, and virtually everything you need for a successful patio project.
  • Wal-Mart - Wal-Mart, America's largest retailer, also has a seasonal patio department - from lawn furniture to the latest grill to concrete stepping stones, it's all here.
  • Home Depot - Home Depot's garden and outdoor home improvement section is set up outdoors, adjacent to the main store. They offer a variety of supplies, including containers, fencing, and all you need to build a water garden.

Online Patio Home Improvement Store

In addition to local and "Big Box" retailers, a number of online companies offer supplies and accessories for outdoor home improvement projects. Among these are:

  • PatioStore.com - This online retailer stocks everything you need to furnish your outdoor room, from grills to patio furniture to swimming pools and supplies. Their prices are very competitive, also.
  • Gardeners Supply Company - In addition to organic gardening supplies, this company sells benches, decorative fencing, patio furniture and cushions, and a wide array of other items for your patio home improvement project.

Creating an Outdoor Room

A successful outdoor room contains many of the same elements as a room within your house. Some things to keep in mind when designing such a room are:

  • Create a well-defined space - Use natural barriers, such as hedges or trees, as well as man-made ones, such as a gate or trellis, to define your outdoor room. Your space can be secluded - a kind of "secret garden" - or a more open patio for entertainment.
  • Don't forget the "door" - Every room needs a door, even an outdoor room. Use an arbor, trellis, hedge or gate to mark the entrance to your outdoor space.
  • Seating - Whether it's a single bench or a table for twelve, every garden room needs a place to sit - be that to reflect, to sip a glass of wine, or to dine.
  • Unity - Your outdoor room doesn't have to match every other space in your yard, especially if you've done a good job of defining the space, but it should work together well itself, in terms of plants, colors, shapes, and ambiance.

Outdoor spaces are wonderful places to spend those sultry summer evenings. Whether you plans call for an active area, a quiet meditative garden room, or a patio entertainment center complete with outdoor kitchen, there's a home improvement store that can help you with all of your materials, furnishing, and accessory needs.

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Where to Shop for Patio Remodeling Supplies