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Paint for Concrete Patios

Murrye Bernard
Paint for Concrete Patios

Whether you want to protect your patio from the elements or you're tired of its dull gray color, learn more about paint for concrete patios.

Choosing Paint for Concrete Patios

You can't go out and buy just any type of paint and expect it to work for concrete applications. Since concrete is porous, you must choose a formula that will provide even coverage and resist weather damage. There are several questions you must answer:

  • How much traffic does your patio receive?
  • How often are you willing to reapply the paint?
  • How much can you spend on supplies?
  • Do you want a decorative surface with colors or patterns?
  • What is the climate like where you live?

Epoxy paints are the most popular choice for concrete applications since they adhere well to the surface and resist damage from abrasion or chemicals. Many manufacturers produce paint for concrete patios:

Concrete Patio Designs

While paint can help to seal and protect the surface of your concrete patio, it also provides an opportunity to get creative. You may choose a bold or bright color to paint your patio, or a deeper color to minimize it. For example, deep green helps your patio to blend with surrounding grass, creating a more natural feel. You may also use several colors to create a design, such as faux brick or tile patterns. If you have children, ask them to help you paint the patio, providing them with an opportunity to embrace their inner Picasso. Another option is to paint a game onto the surface of your patio, such as bowling lanes, shuffleboard or hopscotch.

How to Apply Paint to Concrete

Once you have chosen a paint, you must understand how to correctly apply it. First, clean the surface of your patio. Use a degreasing formula and allow the surface to completely dry. Do not paint newly cured concrete, as it can release chemicals that will interfere with the adhesion of the paint. Apply the paint with a long roller, and it helps to use a textured roller to deliver paint to all the crevices. It is likely you will need to apply two coats of paint, and you may choose to apply a top coat or sealer to achieve a glossy finish.

Stain Vs. Paint

Many people choose to stain their concrete patio rather than paint it. Stain has many benefits over paint. Paint can peel over time and must be applied more frequently than stains. Also, painted concrete can become slippery when wet, creating a safety hazard.

Concrete Staining Options

Add color and texture to your concrete patio with an acid stain. Colors can range from natural to bold and exhibit depth because the solution penetrates the surface of the concrete produces a chemical reaction. Most existing concrete patios are good candidates for concrete stains, but they require proper preparation. Staining is a relatively affordable option and can range from around $2 to $4 per square foot.

Paint for Concrete Patios