Pictures of Ceramic Tile Pattern Ideas

Make a lasting impression with dynamic flooring.

It's quite easy these days to integrate an entire home design scheme through flooring, based on color and pattern options for ceramic tile. Today, there is a cornucopia of ceramic tile choices.

Design Factors to Consider

Before choosing your tile, gather your paint swatches and fabrics together.

  • Is there a design existing in the fabric that you can mimic as a pattern option for ceramic tile?
  • Do the colors harmonize with what else will be in the room?
  • Do you want the eye to flow seamlessly across the floor, or is the floor its own design statement?

Taking these steps first will help you spot the perfect pattern option for ceramic tile. Let the following images jump start your creativity.

Attractive Ceramic Tile Patterns

Varying hues distinguish the pattern
Checkerboard style
A confetti of color
Floating on water
Multiple patterns create interest
This green makes a statement
Add dimension with texture
Almost looks like a rug
This one will take some work!


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Pictures of Ceramic Tile Pattern Ideas