Pocket Door Kits

pocket door kits

Pocket doors slide open into the walls adjoining the entryway, rather than swinging out into the room. This makes them an excellent space saver and a popular option for many homes. A pocket door kit can help you get all the necessary components to install your door properly.

What a Pocket Door Kit Contains

While many pocket doors are sold on their own, and you have the option of converting any standard door into a pocket door, a kit often makes the most sense. When using a kit, you can be sure that each piece is the correct size and type for the door you are installing. This means there is no retro-fitting or attempting to piece together spare parts.

A typical pocket door kit includes:

  • Header unit
  • Split studs
  • Rollers
  • Bumpers
  • Tracks

A typical pocket door kit will also enable you to support a door up to 300 pounds, which helps prevent accidents, such as the door coming off the rails.

Where to Buy

You can purchase pocket doors and kits at most home building supply stores including Home Depot and Lowes. For more variety, shop at these sites to see the full line of what is available:

The Sliding Door Company

The Sliding Door Company carries a wide range of pocket doors and kits, including doors that allow for the transfer of natural light, while still maintaining privacy. Pricing is based on custom quotes. You can get a quote by designing your door online.

The Sliding Door Company is the best company to buy a new door and kit from. If you don't already have a door, shop with them, because they can get you the door and kit together for the best fit.

Johnson Hardware

Johnson Hardware makes wooden pocket door kits of commercial grade. They are easier to retrofit and adapt, so if you are replacing an older pocket door's hardware, this company would be the best kit to purchase from. Several different sizes and options are available. Pricing starts around $200.

Pocket Door Products

Pocket Door Products makes only pocket door frames and hardware. Their kits include hardwood options and specialty sizes. Pricing starts at $90 for small doors and $125 for larger doors.

This company's products exceed ADA requirements with their ball bearings. If the user has limited strength in their hands or arms, these products would be easier to slide and open.


Hager makes metal pocket door kits which are designed to last. You also have the option with this company of putting together your own kit and changing out items like door locks. These are best for new construction - they will last forever and won't have any of the problems with a door coming off its frame due to humidity, swelling wood or stress. Pricing starts around $200.

Benefits of Pocket Doors

Pocket doors make a lot of sense for many homeowners, both in new construction and in older homes.

Additional Space

Probably the most compelling reason for installing pocket doors is the additional space they provide. Depending upon the door opening you choose, a pocket door can free up an additional 10 to 20 square feet. This leaves extra room for furniture, accessories and room access. This is especially important when a room needs to be wheelchair accessible.


Pocket doors are perfect for that room which isn't often closed off from the rest of the house. If you want to create a more open space, pocket doors give you a "no-barrier" appearance, while at the same time providing you with the option to create more privacy if necessary.


Many people choose pocket doors for more economical reasons, particularly in new construction. Properly used, pocket doors can help you make better use of the space you have. For example, using a pocket door on either end lets you fit a smaller Jack and Jill bathroom between two rooms. Putting in the same bathroom with traditional doors would have meant a larger space, and a bigger expense.


Some people choose pocket doors simply because of their appearance. Not only can you select doors that are ornately beautiful, but you can also enhance the doorways as well.

Larger Doorways

If you have a larger doorway that remains open most of the time, a set of pocket doors can stretch across the space without taking up the same room as a pair of French doors. With the newer options available in pocket doors, you have the option to get the same look as traditional doors, but without the added expense or space.

Pocket Door Info

When purchasing pocket doors, keep the following points in mind:

  • Always purchase the doors in a kit to ensure that you have everything you need for installing the door.
  • Choose kits that include nylon rollers.
  • To prevent your doors from warping, finish any door edges that are unsealed before you begin installing the kit.
  • Seal or wrap wall studs for easier movement of the doors.
  • Pocket doors come in a variety of styles, including single doors, double doors, panel, French and divided light. Select a door that matches the rest of the home for a seamless look.
  • Most standard doors can be adapted as pocket doors; purchase a kit for easier installation.

While some people hesitate to add pocket doors to older construction, it really isn't as difficult as you might think. After removing some of the existing drywall, you can install the door, add insulation above the door if necessary, then add and finish the new drywall.

Improve Your Space

Installing a pocket door in any room of your home will create more space instantly. Invest in a pocket door kit to ensure you are getting all the necessary hardware, and watch your home take shape.

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