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If you are looking to brighten up the exterior of your home with color, there a wide variety of porch and deck paint colors available.

About Porch and Deck Paint Colors

Porch and deck paints are designed to withstand the elements like sun, wind, rain and snow. As with all exterior paints, they are more expensive then their interior counterparts. Here are a few types of porch and deck paints available:

  • Oil-based paints - Paints that are oil-based are more durable than latex but have a longer drying time. Oil-based paints also have stronger fumes than latex, so be sure to wear a mask if you are using this type of paint on your deck or porch.
  • Latex-based paints - Latex-based paints dry more quickly but are subject to peeling if the surface is not properly prepared.
  • Alkyd-based paints - Similar to oil based paints, Alkyd-based paints take longer to dry and emit more fumes than latex paint.

Choosing a Color for Your Porch

Here are some helpful tips for choosing the perfect porch and deck paint colors.

  • Choose a color that matches your trim - Create a unified look to your house by painting your porch the same color as your window and door casings.
  • Complementary colors - Make your house stand out from the crowd by painting your porch and window and door casings in complementary colors. Here are some examples of complementary color combinations:
    • Yellow-Green and Violet
    • Purple and Yellow
    • Blue and Orange
    • Red and Green

When complementary colors are paired together, each color looks brighter. Pairing the traditional complementary colors together may make your porch look a little too bright. Instead, choose variations of the colors in order to create a more subtle and subdued look. Here are some examples of complementary color variations:

  • Lavender and pale yellow
  • Brick red and forest green
  • Pale sky blue and deep sunset orange

If you are looking for a more traditional look, use white. Using white paint on your porch will result in a bright, crisp and clean look for the exterior of you home. Another added benefit of using white is that it matches with everything from blue siding to deep red brick.

Choosing a Paint Color for the Deck

Bright options
Bright options

There are few key considerations that must be made before you decide to paint your deck.

  • The natural beauty of the wood - If you want to showcase the natural beauty of the wood, go with a semi-transparent treatment over the wood or clear polyurethane.
  • Use a stain - Wood stains are available in many shade variations and will allow you to showcase the natural beauty of the wood while adding a splash of color to your deck.

Some Color Ideas

If you have decided that you want your beautiful deck to stand out from the crowd, here are few color ideas.

  • Match the scenery of your backyard - If you live in a wooded area, consider the colors of the trees like deep pine needle greens or warm earthy browns.
  • Choose a neutral color - Colors like khaki and beige will allow you more freedom when choosing patio furniture and decorative accents for your deck.
  • Consider a white wash - White-washing involves diluting a white paint and applying it to your deck. The finished look is warm and inviting and adds color while allowing the natural beauty of the wood to show through.

Final Tips for Porch and Deck Painting

Colorful porches
Colorful porches

No matter what porch and deck paint colors you choose, keep these things in mind before you apply your paint to ensure that your porch and deck will look beautiful for years to come.

  • Adequately prepare the surface - Be sure that all your surfaces are free of dust, dirt and grime. A good way to do this is to scrub your porch or deck with a high-quality degreaser and rinse thoroughly with your garden hose.
  • Allow adequate drying time between coats - If you don't allow the coats to dry completely before applying additional coats, the paint will chip and peel.
  • Don't forget to apply a waterproof sealant when you are staining your porch or deck - Wood porches and decks must be finished with a waterproof sealant to protect the finish from damage caused by the elements and heavy use.

More Information

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