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portfolio lighting

Portfolio Lighting is considered one of the top lighting manufacturers in the business.

What Is Portfolio Lighting?

Portfolio Lighting has built an impressive name for itself in the lighting industry. Known primarily for their innovative recessed lighting, this company also focuses on specialized lighting that is used to build ambience, warmth, accent, and emphasis to a specialized area or room. Buildings which feature unique architectural designs often rely on this type of lighting to play up specific designs and to add dimension and space to a room.

Interior Design

While you may not have realized it, many interior design and home magazines feature gorgeous homes, stylish offices and other building that rely on Portfolio Lighting to showcase their look. In most cases, this lighting is specifically well-placed recessed lighting, installed in niches and alcoves, above cabinets, and strategically placed in walls and ceilings. The lighting can be used virtually anywhere in a home or office, from bathrooms to kitchens and beyond, turning an ordinary room into a place of beauty.

Types of Lighting

While Portfolio Lighting is typically known for its aesthetically pleasing recessed lighting, the manufacturer offers a variety of other styles and designs as well. Styles include fluorescent, halogen, incandescent, LED, and solar lights. Designs include the following:

  • Recessed lighting-Recessed lighting is perfect for hidden niches and alcoves, above or below countertops and cabinets, along walkways and decks/patios, etc.
  • Flush mount fixtures-These are often used in foyers, bathrooms, and smaller spaces.
  • Lanterns-Candle lanterns, wall lanterns, and hanging lanterns are often used on front and back porches, beside garage doors, etc.
  • Hanging pendants-These can be featured over dining room tables, in tall ceiling entryways, above bathroom vanities, etc.
  • Low voltage lighting-Low voltage lighting is often used in landscaping projects.
  • Surface lighting-Surface lighting includes floor and table lamps in a variety of styles and designs.

Where to Shop

Because Portfolio Lighting is often featured in upscale homes and offices, consumers may assume that this style of lighting is only available to those who can afford more expensive accessories. Although this type of lighting is often used in top-of-the-line building projects, it is certainly affordable for virtually anyone. Where can you find it? Your best bet is to look in home and garden stores, such as Lowes. Lighting categories available at Lowes include the following:

  • Chandeliers-A wide variety of designs are available, with choices like 3-light traditional bronze chandeliers, 6-light copper chandeliers, and gorgeous 9-light brushed steel transitional chandeliers.
  • Lamps-A wide selection of lamps in both floor and table styles await you. Choose from a beautiful Tiffany style, 4-piece marble lamp set, and a wide variety of other styles and finishes like brushed nickel, bronze, and crystal.
  • Wall sconces-Contemporary and traditional wall sconces are available in styles that work for any home or business. These include wall fixtures, pocket wall sconces, Tiffany arm sconces, and contemporary sconces.
  • Pendants-Choose from Falmouth copper bronze inverted bowl pendants, Tiffany pendants, arts and crafts pendants, bronze island fixtures, foyer lights, and more.
  • Flush mounts-Flush mount lights come in a variety of styles in oak, white, brass, gold and brushed nickel.
  • Outdoor fashion lighting-Outdoor lighting includes bronze, antique rust, and nickel plated lanterns in a variety of designs.
  • Track lighting-Track lighting is available in a traditional track design or as a flexible track Lights|flex track]] design in a variety of styles, finishes and designs.
  • Bath bars and vanity lighting-Bath bars and vanity lighting are also available in a variety of styles, both traditional and contemporary, in a variety of styles, designs and finishes.
  • Landscape lighting-Solar lighting, 110-volt lighting and fixtures come in a variety of styles to meet all your landscaping needs.


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