Rubber Garage Floor Mats

Rubber floor mats in the garage.

Rubber garage floor mats can spruce up your garage, make it safer, cleaner, and easier on your bones and joints while working.

Types of Rubber Garage Floor Mats

Rubber garage floor mats are a versatile alternative to a bare concrete or painted floor. You can cover your entire garage floor with interlocking rubber mats, make a pathway with them, or strategically place them where you often stand or kneel. Some rubber floor mats even come in one large roll that you can cut to size.

Garage floor mats made of rubber have a few basic characteristics, no matter which company you buy them from. If they are smaller squares, they are usually interlocking like puzzle pieces so they will not slide around. You can drive your car over them or up on top of them with out causing damage. The cushion they provide will protect your knees and back if you lay or kneel down on the floor often. They protect your garage floor from paint, oil, road salt, acid, or other damaging materials. The mats reduce echo and noise when you drop items or use loud machinery as the rubber absorbs sound. These rubber floor mats are durable and long lasting.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Covering a stained and greasy garage concrete floor with garage floor mats greatly improves the appearance of the garage, turning it into a stylish showroom. There are many different colors of mats to choose from. If you purchase squares of rubber you can alternate them in a checkerboard pattern to create a great new look. Many rubber mats come in a variety of textures as well that look pleasing on the floor.

Reduces Injury and Pain

If your garage doubles as a workshop, rubber floor mats can reduce leg and back pain from standing at a workbench for hours. The cushioning also provides relief when you are kneeling or lying on your back.


Take everything out of your garage before installing your mats. Sweep or use a shop vacuum to remove all debris on the floor. Consider wet mopping the garage floor or even using a hose to spray clean the floor. Allow the concrete to dry completely.

Measure your garage floor to see how many square feet of rubber mat you will need. If your mat is in a large roll, unroll it on your driveway to let the rubber relax and flatten. Measure and cut it with a sharp knife or blade to the correct size, carry it into your garage and place it on your garage floor. If you are using tiles arrange them on your garage floor how you like, interlocking the joints like puzzle pieces. Some garage floor mats made of rubber come with double sided tape to put around the end and to tape any seams together.


Keep the garage floor mats free of debris with regular sweeping or using a shop vacuum. Using a regular vacuum is not recommended as it might pick up nails or harsh materials and cause damage to the vacuum. Wipe down the rubber floor mat with a large wet mop or even take each piece outside and spray them down with a hose.

Where to Buy

Most major auto part stores sell rubber garage floor mats. These mats are also available in floor covering stores that sell vinyl tiles or garage floor tiles. Also available online at:

Do Your Research

Garage floor mats are available in varying sizes and colors. Do your research when you buy your mats because prices and sizes vary. Buy several extra squares if you are using the tiles in case you need to replace worn out or damaged tiles in the future.

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