Self Adhesive Wall Tiles

Self adhesive wall tile can give your bathroom a new look.

Self adhesive wall tiles are a good option if you are looking for an inexpensive way to redo your bathroom or kitchen. Wall tiles can also be used in basements, rec rooms or any other space where you want to have a fast and dramatic interior decorating makeover. If you're up for a relatively simple home improvement project, try self adhesive tiles. They can compliment all of your decorating ideas.

What Are Self Adhesive Wall Tiles?

Self adhesive tiles are made from vinyl and are the easiest way to redo the walls and floor in any room of your home. They have decorative front sides made of vinyl and have a sticky backing. This backing means that you won't have to get your room messy with adhesives and sealers.

They come in a variety of different decorating styles. You can find tiles that mimic marble, ones that look like glass and others that have decorative etching patterns. No matter what the look you are going for, you can find it in adhesive tile form.

The Benefits of Self Adhesive Tiles

The main benefit of self adhesive wall tiles is that they are very easy to install. As long as you make sure to measure your space and use a level while you are sticking the tile to the wall, you should have no problem doing a whole room in a matter of a day.

Adhesive tiles can cover any surface that you have. You should take care to prepare surfaces that you are sticking the tiles on top of. If you are placing the tiles over glossy paint or a slick surface, be sure to sand down the area before placing the tiles on top. This will give the adhesive something to hold onto and prevent your tiles from falling to the floor.

Another benefit is that self adhesive tiles can be cut to fit any area. You don't have to try to master the art of cutting thick tiles. You can use scissors or a razor blade to cut the tiles into the shape that you want.

When you apply self adhesive tiles, you can create your own custom pattern. For example, many designer bathroom tile walls feature plain white surfaces with diamonds of colored tile throughout. When you install your own bathroom wall, you can create a similar custom pattern based on your favorite design.

Installation Instructions for Self Adhesive Tiles

When you purchase self adhesive tiles, make sure to buy 5 percent more than you think you'll need. There's nothing worse than getting almost through a project and realizing that you need to run back to the home improvement store and buy more tiles.

Before you start, you will also need to store the tiles overnight in the room where you'll be using them. This way the tiles can become accustomed to the temperature of the room. This is very important because your tiles will stick better if you follow this process.

After the overnight acclimating period, you should start preparing your wall surface. The wall you are installing on should be clean but also roughed up enough to hold the adhesive. Use sandpaper to provide some traction between the wall and your tile.

Next, you'll need to mark the wall. Find the center point of the wall space you're working on and then mark your wall into a grid. Use a chalk line or another marking tool to make sure that your grid is even. You should start with the two center meridians. These lines will cross and form four distinct sections on your wall.

After you've marked the wall with the chalk line, you'll start at the center and work your way outward. Look at the back of your tile and you'll be able to see arrows pointing in one direction. Make sure that as you lay your tiles, all the arrows are pointing in the same direction. Press down the tile firmly with both of your hands. If you want to make sure that your tiles have extra staying power, you can put firm pressure on the tiles with a rolling pin.

As you approach the edge, you'll find that you have spaces that don't require full tiles. Carefully measure and mark what you need to cut out of your tile and then cut with some shears.

These tips will help you install beautiful self adhesive tiles on your walls, no matter what style of tiles you use.

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