Closet Door Ideas

Bifold Closet Doors

Closet doors don't have to be bland or blah, and this gallery of closet door ideas will offer you inspiration that can make every closet door a work of art. Closets are necessary in every home, but in addition to being functional they can also be beautiful, relaxing and stylish.

Classic bifold closet doors with a venetian blind design are popular, but if you'd prefer something more distinctive you can easily change or modify your closet doors to match your style.

Full Size Mirrored Doors

Mirrored closet doors make a small room seem spacious and grand, while making it brighter by reflecting any natural and artificial light. For the most dramatic effect, choose floor-to-ceiling mirrored doors.

Sliding Doors

Sliding closet doors in neutral shades are simple, sleek and complement any décor. For the most space-saving doors, choose pocket designs instead of sliding panels.

Checkerboard Panels

Spice up plain closet door panels with different colors and textures. Multiple sliding panels also make closet space more accessible than fewer, larger panels.

Bold Color for the Closet

Personalize your closet doors by adding your favorite color. While paint is the easiest way to add color to a door, adding tinted glass is a more elegant and stylish option. Other ways include adding picture frames, colored panels, fabric covered panels or stencils.

Vintage Doors

Add character to your closet by choosing coordinating doors that match the architecture and design of the room and windows. Leaving space at the top of the closet or wardrobe is a great way to display books, baskets, plants or other decorative items.

Closet Curtain

Hide an unattractive closet door with a heavy drape or curtain. This will add softness to the room, and a curtain is easy to change when you redecorate.

Translucent Doors

See-through panels on closet doors are a popular style option that will add light and texture to the closet. If your closet is perpetually messy, however, you may prefer darker tinted panels that don't reveal your wardrobe secrets.

Bordered Mirrors

If you like the look of mirrored closet doors, but don't want oversized mirrors, choose more discreet designs that border the mirror with different colors or textures. This gives you the practicality of a mirror while still having space for additional design and personalization.

Heavy Wooden Doors

Instead of a bland closet door, consider a heavy antique wooden door. This adds immediate, bold character to your closet without needing additional decorations.

Organize Your Door

Make the most of your closet space by using over-the-door organizational tools. Shoe racks, hooks, hat racks, bars and hanging shelves are all available for different sizes of closet doors.

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Closet Door Ideas