Simple Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Decorative Backsplash for Your Kitchen

These simple kitchen backsplash ideas tie together any kitchen design while providing an easy-to-clean surface behind kitchen counters, sink and stove.

Incorporating a few well placed decorative tiles into your backsplash design adds a unique pop to your kitchen.

Simple Backsplash Ideas

An easy, straight-forward layout of tiles in one color is a simple fix for your kitchen backsplash.

Special Tiles Add Extra Flair

Specialty tiles, like this, can be interspersed in your backsplash tile design to create a beautiful kitchen.

Colorful Tile Grout

Using colorful grout to fill spaces in between your tiles creates a unique element, taking the ordinary to a new level.

Contemporary Kitchen Tile

Large tiles, as pictured here, tie together a contemporary design kitchen.

Subway Mosaic

The mosaic subway tiles and the cool color of this backsplash complement the clean lines of this modern kitchen.

Red and White

This super modern kitchen adds a big splash of color with its randomly placed white and red backsplash tiles.

Checkerboard Kitchen Backsplash

This black and white checkerboard provides a dramatic style reminiscent of a 50's diner.

Muted Checkerboard

Checkerboard backsplashes don't have to use traditional colors. These earth-toned tiles give a more modern and subtle look to the kitchen backsplash area.


The earth tones of this backsplash are also reflected in the granite counter tops. These small tiles are often sold in 12-inch sheets connected by a mesh backing, making them easy to install.

Stone Diamonds

An elongated diamond shaped tile gives a slightly different look to a tumbled marble backsplash. The shape of these tiles give some uniformity to the backsplash, while the stone's subtle variation gives it depth.

Mosaic Border

This kitchen backsplash tile design uses larger sized tiles, but breaks up the monotony by having a line of different colored, smaller tiles, creating a focal point on the backsplash.

Random Mix

This vivid-hued mix of handmade tiles gives a colorful, patchwork quilt look to the backsplash. This type of backsplash can be created with any mix of tiles that are the same size and shape.


The warmth of the wood cabinets matched against the coolness of the quartzite backsplash tiles pictured here gives the kitchen design a great balanced look.

Blue Kitchen Backsplash

Varying shades of blue tile create a rich look in your kitchen.

Kitchen backsplashes come in many styles. If simple designs aren't what you are looking for, consider some other kitchen backsplash ideas, tile designs and resources to create the kitchen of your dreams.

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Simple Kitchen Backsplash Ideas