Vinyl Flooring Patterns

Checkered Style

The variety of vinyl flooring patterns that is available today might seem a bit overwhelming. While your mom’s kitchen floor may have featured boring linoleum, today’s vinyl is beautiful and stylish. There are some styles that look so similar to ceramic and marble flooring that is hard to tell the difference without actually touching the floor, such as this checkered vinyl floor.

Faux Marble

If you love the look of marble but not the price tag, check out this faux marble vinyl design. Available in a variety of colors at flooring and home improvement stores, this type of flooring will add an elegant look to any room.

Wooden Look Vinyl

For the look of wood but at a less espensive price, look for faux wood tiles. Many varieties of vinyl flooring patterns are actually peel and stick for easy application.

Vinyl Flooring Rolls

While many vinyl floors are created by using individual pieces of tile, some people prefer using sheets of vinyl flooring. You can find a variety of patterns, colors, and styles in sheets or rolls of vinyl as well. It’s easy to cut and easy to apply. Simply measure and cut. You will need to apply flooring adhesive to a clean surface to ensure a good application.

Faux Slate

Slate flooring can be pretty pricey, but with today’s vinyl flooring styles, you can still get the look you love without breaking the bank. Peel and stick applications make creating this type of floor a breeze.

Gray Faux Marble

Faux finishes, like this gray faux marble, make an excellent choice for kitchens, bathrooms, even living rooms. The ease of taking care of vinyl flooring makes it an excellent choice for homes and offices.

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Vinyl Flooring Patterns