Solar Window Screens

Solar window screens preserve energy.

Solar window screens are specialty window screens designed to block out up to 90 percent of the suns rays from entering your house.

Why are Solar Window Screens Different?

Window screens are made of various materials such as metal or plastic, but the main goal is to cover the window to keep bugs out, while allowing fresh air into the house. Solar window screens are meant to keep harsh solar heat from entering the house as well. The materials the solar screens are made from differ from the materials used to make normal window screens. The screen is made of material that absorbs the suns rays or reflects them back out before reaching the window glass. The outside of a solar window screen may appear darker than a normal window screen, but the view from the inside is still the same. The other difference of solar screens is the way they are attached to the house. Regular screens are made to fit into the window opening. Solar screens are placed on the outside of the window and secured to the house with mounting clips.


The benefits of solar screens for your home include heat reduction, cooling and heating bill reduction, carpet and furniture damage prevention, glare reduction, privacy, ventilation, and winter insulation. The screen blocks 90% of the suns damaging UV rays from entering your home. These UV rays can fade your carpet, draperies, furniture, artwork, and significantly raise the temperature of your house. The solar screens can be removed in the winter to let the sunshine in to warm your house naturally. Solar window shades will not make your home darker. Your air conditioning cooling bill will drop by approximately 25 to 30%, which will pay for the screens in the long run. Solar screens can reduce the temperature in your home by up to 15 degrees. They are ideal for hot sunny climates such as Arizona, Texas, and Nevada.

How to Make Your Own

It is fairly easy to make your own solar screens. The only part that is difficult to do yourself with these screens is installation if your house is made of stucco. It is best to have a professional attach the mouthing clips to the house if it is made of stucco. All the supplies you need can be purchased at most home improvements stores.

Supplies Needed

  • Aluminum or wooden window frame cut and assembled to the correct size -which is slightly larger than the outside of the window frame.
  • Solar screening
  • Staples or rubber trim (called spine) to push into an aluminum frame
  • Mounting turn clips


Lay the window screen frame on the ground. Measure and cut the screening to one inch larger all they way around. Staple the screening to the wooden frame or push the spine into the aluminum frame securing the screening. The screening needs to be pulled tightly across the frame as you secure it. Trim away the excess. Install the mounting clips on the house at the four corners of the window. Turn them to the side, place the solar window screen against the window, and then turn the mounting clips to hold the screen in place.

Where to Buy Solar Window Screens

If you want personal service and a handyman to come to your house, measure, and custom make your window screens to fit your windows, look in the phone book. There are many small business owners that specialize in custom window screens, especially in hot sunny climates. Otherwise, many home improvement stores, or online sites will take the measurements you have provided and make the screens for you. Here are a few online manufacturers:

Sun Blox Solar Screens

Quality Window Screen

Arizona Sun Supply

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Solar Window Screens