Textured Floor Paint


Textured floor paint can offer excellent anti-slip properties and hide any imperfections in a floor.

Where to Use

Textured floor paint is ideal for garages, bathrooms and patios-anywhere you may be dealing with an uneven subfloor or want to add a layer of safety to an interior. It is a great garage option because most textured paint is made from heavy duty epoxy and can withstand lots of abuse. Plus, since most garage floors are concrete and uneven, options for floor coverings are limited.

In a bathroom or kitchen, textured paint provides excellent anti-slip properties for the floor. These areas are prone to spills and leaks from sinks and tubs. Adding texture to the floor can prevent unnecessary accidents.

Use textured paints on patios and decks, or anywhere you want a low maintenance, safe and durable floor covering. Textured paint is easy to apply to a floor and is also a low cost alternative for exterior spaces.


Sand-textured paint is great for hiding imperfections in the subfloor and can create a faux stucco-like look. This makes it not only functional, but also somewhat fashionable. Sand-textured paint can complement a Southwestern or Mexican inspired interior, or for a more modern look, you can add sparkle to the paint giving the floor a high tech feel. Sand-textured floor paint can be applied with a roller. Using a brush or trowel, you can add different patterns and designs. It is easy to fix a design if you don't like it or if you make a mistake. Simply wipe it off with a trowel and start again.


Seal-Krete offers a wide variety of floor paints. The Concrete Floor Sealer has a satin, smooth finish for people who don't want a gritty, industrial look. Plus, the sealer is immune to moisture, salt, oil and dust, making a good choice for a messy garage.

The Seal-Krete Driveway Protector works on patios and decks. It is a flat finish that protects against rain, salt and freeze / thaw damage in extreme temperatures.

Seal-Krete also offers a Wet-Look Sealer. This semi-gloss can be used indoors or out on exposed aggregate, concrete, brick and stone pavers. It has very good anti-slip properties, although is not recommended for clay pavers or other non-porous surfaces.

Finally, the company offers a Multi-Surface Water Repellent paint ideal for wet areas due to the fact it does not promote mildew-growth.


The other leading provider of floor paints is Floor-Tek, although the company specializes in commercial construction versus residential. Floor-Tek makes non-slip, acrylic textured coating for porches, patios, stairs, ramps and pool decks. Floor-Tex paints can be mixed with other latex floor paint to create almost any color. It can be used on concrete, wood or decking.

Other Paint Products

Toledo Floor Resurfacing is a lesser know manufacturer of floor paints. However, the company does offer a variety of industrial-strength floor finishes. Finally, WB coating is a water dispersable epoxy floor paint. The key benefit of WB paints is that it is solvent free, low odor and therefore environmentally-friendly. WB paints are available in a wide range of colors. It is easy to apply and can be easily cleaned off.

Other Considerations

Consider textured paints when you are dealing with uneven substrates, moisture problems, safety concerns and indoor/outdoor spaces. Applying a textured paint will be less expensive than repairing the concrete or paying for medical bills. Talk to your local paint dealer to find the brand that best meets your flooring needs.

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Textured Floor Paint