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Tile decal

Create custom designs in your kitchen or bath by experimenting with tile decals.

What Are Tile Decals?

In a sense, they are stickers for your tile walls. The decal designs have adhesive on the back, and you apply them by smoothing them against the surface of the tile.

Elaborate tile designs can get really expensive. If you lack the budget but want to add something special to your tile, decals are inexpensive and easy to apply. They range from cute shapes for children's' bathrooms, themed decals, to sophisticated patterns that look extremely realistic. Tile decals, also called tile transfers, are a budget-friendly alternative to replacing unattractive tile and an easy way to personalize your space when you are a renter.

Decal Designs

Decals are most often applied to kitchen and bath tiles, either as a border, pattern or mural. Choose a design based on your existing decor.

In the kitchen, decals can be applied to the backsplash or a tile countertop. Traditional patterns for kitchens include fruit and vegetables, floral designs and pastoral elements such as chickens.

Bathroom decals can be applied in the bathtub or shower area, on the backsplash, or any other area of the room that is tiled. Ocean themes are popular for the bath, including seashell and fish shapes. For children, rubber ducks, ABC's, or animals are fun decal ideas.

However, if you'd rather steer away from what some might consider cliche decal designs, opt for a modern, geometric design. British company Mibo sells a variety of attractive designs that can update any plain tile wall. You can achieve a dramatic effect by applying a wall decal mural if you have a large, blank tile wall. Depict an outdoor scene, street view or recreate a famous work of art. If a mural is too elaborate, consider purchasing solid decals so you can create a checkerboard pattern.

Tips for Choosing and Applying Decals

  • When applying decals in a wet area, such as a shower or backsplash, be sure to select designs that are waterproof.
  • Measure your tiles before purchasing decals to be sure you choose the right size.
  • Only apply decals to smooth tiles, such as ceramic tiles, and avoid applying them to textured surfaces.
  • Apply decals to clean surfaces only.
  • Avoid over-doing it: don't decal every single tile. Come up with a simple arrangement and stick to it.
  • Since decals are affordable and easy to remove, don't worry about committing to a design forever.

Where to Buy

Many manufacturers create tile decals for the kitchen and bath:

How Much Do Decals Cost?

While prices vary, decals typically cost around $10 to $15 dollars for a pack of four or five. Depending on how many decals you apply, it is possible to decorate your entire kitchen or bath for under $100.

How to Remove Kitchen or Bath Decals

If you've moved into a home where the previous tenant installed decals that aren't your style, or you simply want to change up your decor theme, decals are relatively quick and easy to remove.

Use a razor scraper to gently lift the decal from the tile surface, taking care to not scratch the tile. Soak a cotton ball or rag in nail polish remover and rub the tile until all the remaining adhesive dissolves.

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