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Wood Plank Look Ceramic Tile

Beth Asaff
Tiles that look like wood

Wood plank look ceramic tile captures the personality of wood as manufacturers go forward with new looks and innovative colors and textures. Learn the advantages of using this innovative new product in your home.

The Wood Plank Look Ceramic Tile Advantage

Changes in the tile industry over recent years have ushered in new choices to give your home the look you want along with the benefits of ceramic tile. One trend is realistic wood plank look ceramic tile. As a homeowner this decorative choice allows you to experiment with the colors and tones offered by the warm look of wood floors, while providing many of the benefits of ceramic tile.


Like all ceramic tiles, wood plank look tiles are extremely durable. They are:

  • Fire resistant (they will not feed a fire or release toxic emissions)
  • Moisture resistant
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Stain resistant
  • Resistant to chemical damage
  • Easy to clean


Remember that tile's durability makes it a long-lasting decorating choice. Be sure to select a style and color compatible with the rest of your décor. Wood plank look ceramic tile offers contrasting texture and interest to any room and makes a suitable choice in an old-fashioned kitchen, is versatile enough to work with a contemporary living room and adds a clean, classic look for an easy to care for entry way.

Ideal for Heavy Traffic

Speaking of entry ways, tile makes a good choice for around the back door or mud room. Its durable, easy-to-clean surface will let you have the warm look of wood and the scratch resistance of tile.

Add the Wood Look to Bathrooms

Tile is a perfect choice as a bathroom floor covering. It's easy to sanitize and resistant to moisture. When using wood-look tile in your bathroom, be sure to select a tile with a slip-resistant surface. With the addition of contemporary bathroom accessories and fixtures, your bathroom will have a new modern look.

Where to Buy

Wood look tile is not easy to find at local home improvement stores, but there are a variety of online stores that carry a selection of colors and manufacturers.


BuildDirect offers a selection of wood-look ceramic products through its online warehouse. They offer reasonable prices made possible by the way they conduct business. All they pay for is the cost of manufacturing. Because they handle all their sales, marketing and shipping online, their commercial approach results in a cost-efficient distribution that offers a lower price, including delivery.

Yuxiang Floor Tile

Yuxiang tiles include floor tile, wall tile and decorative tile. They offer a number of color choices and offer custom-made tile as well.

Installing Your Wood-look Tile

Wood-look tiles install the same way that typical ceramic tiles do, with a few additional considerations.

  1. Lay out the planks in the pattern you want to install them in ahead of time. Many wood-look tiles come in varying sizes to give you the look of a real wood floor. Play around with the pattern first until you are satisfied.
  2. Apply a self-leveling floor compound to the floor first, to even out an subfloor dips or valleys. The long thin planks of a wood-look floor could crack if installed on an uneven floor.
  3. Use a thinset mortar modified with latex and a trowel sized for a textured backed tile to get the best grip on your new tiles.
  4. Butt edge the tiles together to form the tightest grout joint. Use an unsanded grout in the same color as the floor tiles to help blend in the grout lines. If the tiles are multiple color shades, select a mid-toned color to help it blend best.
  5. Apply a grout release to any textured tiles to aid in clean up.

Porcelain Vs. Ceramic

Wood look porcelain tiles are another option to consider. Porcelain has increased in popularity. It's important to know that porcelain is denser than ceramic and is less likely to chip. However, this should not be the ultimate determining factor when deciding whether to go with porcelain or ceramic because ceramic tile has varying qualities; some are denser than others. When you really get down to the basics, glazed porcelain and ceramic tiles both endure comparatively.

Get the Inspiration of Wood Look

The look of wood combined with the lasting quality of tile can inspire all kinds of possibilities as you tackle your home improvement and remodeling projects. Once you've replaced your flooring, choose the right shades of paint and accents to create an inviting atmosphere. The end result will be a room that looks great when finished, and continues looking great for many years to come.

Wood Plank Look Ceramic Tile