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Best Showerhead Options

Chris Tice
Shower Head

Few people put much thought into showerheads until clogged streams and corroded fixtures draw the eye upward. When it's time to replace, look for one of the best with basic spray settings or consider one of the best using the latest tech available.

Best of the Best

With low voltage devices making a big splash in the bathroom, it is unsurprising that the showerhead should be no different. Self and battery powered electronics are relatively harmless because of their low amperage and with chrome finishes adhered to extremely light polymers, the design and styles of the standard wall mount showerhead are practically unlimited. High tech devices are commonly some of the best, but there's also something to be said for the best basic options, too.

A standard wall mount fixture is most common in today's household and the following showerheads focus on this simple installation.

Best Rainfall Showerhead

Moen sells the Velocity S6320 showerhead. According to the experts at this rain shower sensation is a little pricey but well worth the money. Features include:

  • 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM) 8-inch head with two functions - a 30 nozzle concentrated flow or 100 nozzle calming rain rinse
  • Patented immersion flow technology increases pressure within the head delivering greater water force
  • Rubberized spray formers on 40-ounce chromed brass fixture prevent lime scaling
  • Online price under $190

Three other colors are available besides the chrome version - antique bronze, brushed nickel, and oil rubbed bronze - but you will pay considerably more for these versions.

Best Multifunction Showerhead

The Speakman S-2005-HB-E2 model is known as the Hotel Anystream and it has high pressure but low flow technology at an affordable price. The data-mining maniacs at Comparaboo scanned millions of reviews to find this bargain beauty that lands in their top 10. Comparabots continuously updates data to keep up with the Jones's, but it's considered one of the best.

  • 2.0 GPM compact head favored by high end hotels around the world for its maintenance friendly design
  • 360 degree Anystream technology allows you to spin through three luxurious settings effortlessly
  • Thirteen ounce lightweight head delivers 50 individual streams and 8 pulsating jets, or a combination of both
  • Self-cleaning nozzles deliver powerful spray from an EPA certified water efficient fixture
  • Online price under $40

Best Economic Showerhead

With almost 2,000 reviews for a rating well over 4 stars on Amazon, the Delta Faucet 75152 is the best seller in its category. It's also a recommended Slate Pick. The adjustable amplifying showerhead is almost guaranteed to save money.

Don't dismiss this basic model due to simplicity. It has great features like:

  • 1.75 GPM economic flow control saves money while saving the environment
  • H2Okinetic technology provides the feel of a larger volume of water while using less
  • Lightweight 6.4-ounce chrome polymer design
  • Online price under $22

Best Dual/Handheld Showerhead

The Ana Bath SS5450CBN is a combination system for savvy shoppers. claims this dual function showerhead will give you a "spa experience on a budget." Just a few features include:

  • Dual 5-inch, 5 function showerheads that can function simultaneously or individually
  • Saturating, bubbling, and massaging sprays with two combinations of each on stationary and handheld heads
  • Rubberized rub-clean heads for consistent spray in hard water
  • 2.31 GPM flow per head provides full coverage alone
  • Online price under $70

Best Bluetooth Speaker Showerhead

With over 900 reviews and an overall rating above 4 stars on Amazon, a well as being a recommended gift for smart homes, the H2oVibe has truly rocked the bathroom with value and features. The most prominent feature is that it allows you to use your Bluetooth connection to rock out in the shower or make that all-important phone call that just can't wait.

  • 2.0 GPM 9 inch diameter rain head delivers three times the spray power as a standard head
  • Rubberized high pressure nozzles reduce hard water clogging
  • Four hour charge time - 8 hour speaker play time with sealed rechargeable USB battery
  • Microphone and push-to-speak call button pauses music to answer calls
  • Speaker connects up to 30 feet with any bluetooth device and solidly locks to showerhead
  • 17-ounce lightweight design
  • Online price less than $50

Water Conservation Concerns and Your New Showerhead

Many of the best showerheads consume more water than a smaller 1.5 GPM showerhead but a difference in overall shower time could solve the excess. A rainfall head will allow faster soak and rinse, possibly saving shower time while providing a more relaxing atmosphere. Don't restrict yourself to a smaller showerhead that's not one of the best when a better, larger one could save you water if you keep an eye on the shower time.

Best Showerhead Options