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Variety of hand tools

When you need to make sure that your staff members know the basics of hand tool safety, free videos about the safe use of tools in the workplace can be very beneficial. Workplace injuries can be very costly, and employees who do not know how to properly use hand tools are much more likely to suffer injuries than those who are properly trained.

Training Videos on Hand Tool Safety

Safety videos can cover a variety of topics, from how to choose the right tool for a particular job to the proper procedure for inspecting the tool to make sure it is in good working order before use. You can also find videos demonstrating the right protective clothing to wear with each type of hand tool, or even operating instructions.

Learn How to Use a Hand Punch

In this video, you will get basic instruction on how to use a hand punch to make holes in wood. This tool is something that is normally carried in a tool belt and must be used correctly with a hammer to avoid injury.

How to Use a Spade Bit

Experienced carpenter Robert Markey demonstrates how to use a spade bit properly. He explains how to choose the right drill bit to get a clean cut in a piece of wood and how to use a backing piece of wood when drilling a hole. By using this method, you will know when you have made a hole through to the other side without going into the surface of the bench your wood is sitting on as well.

How to Use a Scroll Saw

Find out how to use a scroll saw to make curved cuts in wood. Always be sure to clamp the piece of wood firmly in place and wear ear protection while cutting to reduce the risk of injury while the saw is in use.

Additional Resources for Free Safety Videos

Well-known power and hand tool manufacturer STIHL has an online video information library that features a number of free online streaming videos about tool safety. Available topics include information on the safe operation of both hand tools and power tools such chain saws, pruners, trimmers and a number of others.

National and State Safety Council Training Materials

If your organization is a member of The Safety Council you can borrow up to three videos, as well as other titles related to workplace safety, at a time. Simply search the organization's online video database and submit a request via the website.

Many states also have their own safety council organizations, and these organizations frequently provide members with free access to safety training videos. For example, the Oklahoma Safety Council and the Utah Safety Council both have libraries of hundreds of safety-related videos that members can borrow at no cost.

If you are responsible for safety training in your organization and you are not currently a member of the Safety Council or a similar local organization, it is a good idea to investigate how your company could benefit from membership.

Safety Training

Workplace safety is a serious issue, and properly training employees on all aspects of how to remain injury-free in the workplace is important to protect both the employees and the company. Don't wait until a worker seriously injures himself because of improper use of a hand tool to take advantage the many free video training resources available to you and your employees.

The best safety training is proactive in nature. It prevents injuries from occurring in the first place, instead of being presented reactively, after someone has already gotten hurt.

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Free Hand Tool Safety Video