Kitchen Backsplash Design Gallery

Old World Charm

The kitchen backsplash is the final decorative touch to any kitchen design. This old world style backsplash creates a focal point with its excellent use of textures, color and design.

The marble relief of a floral arrangement framed by marble rope uses contrast and textures to create a backsplash that is elegant, sophisticated and charming.

Harlequin Pattern

This classic diamond pattern uses a highly variable colored stone, which lends depth and interest through the shifting colors.

The lower portion is comprised of two rows of smaller squares and separated from the top portion with rope tiles. The overall effect of this pattern of marble tiles creates a stunning backsplash.

Granite Slab Backsplash

Honey cherry finished cabinets with a brushed copper range hood are showcased with the richly veined granite backsplash. Notice the backsplash is made out of the same granite slab used in the countertops.

This technique isn't for every kitchen design, but is the perfect choice for such a massive use of wood. The granite not only gives a color contrast, but a needed texture change.

Modern Green and Stainless Steel

Modern sleek kitchen designs like this one surpass expectations with the large block backsplash matching the color used for the cabinet doors and drawers. Using a single piece of glass, plastic or quartz as the backsplash adds interest without grout lines to break it up. Stainless steel countertops and appliances complete the look.

Checkered Board

Give your kitchen a retro twist with an oversized checkerboard feature wall.

This large black and white checkerboard effect goes really well with the red accent cabinets, stainless steel appliances and wood floor. The checkered backsplash isn't flush with the wall surface, creating a more dramatic effect.

Stacked Stone

Add a rustic touch to your kitchen design with a focal point made out of stacked stone. This slate backsplash is made out of varying sizes of tile stacked closely together.

The varied colors of the slate help keep it from getting too dark, while the texture adds depth to the design.

Mini Subway

Subway tiles don't just come in one size, or one material. These mini-subway tiles are made of glass, which helps reflect light in the kitchen, brightening it.

The varied colors of the backsplash help tie together the cabinet, counter, flooring and appliance colors in one area.

Horizontal Lines

Visually elongate your kitchen with delineated lines of glass subway tiles. Stacking several colors of tile into alternating rows of color draws the eye along the counters, making them appear longer than they are.

Diagonal Lines

If your kitchen has a lot of repeating shapes and colors, break them up by introducing some new tones and directions.

This two-toned backsplash uses darker tones than the rest of the kitchen, placing the darkest color on a diagonal to draw the eye upward and away from the repeating squares.

Falling Water

The falling water pattern is made up of several small rectangular tiles pieced together like a puzzle. It can be installed horizontally or vertically, or both like this in this kitchen that changes the direction of the tile to accent the area behind the range.

Oversized Tiles

Large format tiles aren't just for floors. These 12- by 24-inch tiles make a dramatic statement in this modern kitchen when installed on the walls throughout the backsplash area.

Subtle Focal Point

Many backsplashes make use of the larger area behind the range to create a focal point in the space. This custom design uses shades of tan and brown for a subtle, but sophisticated look.

Travertine Noce chair rails frame the area, while mosaic borders just inside them add detail.

Water Jet

Water jet mosaics are some of the most beautiful and sophisticated available. This custom backsplash design uses water jet cut pieces of marble pieced together into a dramatic scene. This work of art brings color, light and detail to the kitchen all at once.

Metal Studs and Travertine Tiles

This honed travertine backsplash picks up the color of the granite counter, giving a muted background to the kitchen that complements the earth tones already in place.

The metal stud spacers introduce a pewter color that breaks up the browns and beiges. The shapes add to the overall design and introduces a new pattern to the repetitive squares. The end result is elegant and chic.

Plenty of options exist if you're looking for a more simple kitchen backsplash design, too.

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