Kitchen Countertop Renovation Pictures

Natural stone countertop

Renovating your kitchen countertop can quickly change the look and feel of the entire kitchen design. This mini-face lift to your kitchen can also be done with minimum invasion and at a far lower cost than a complete kitchen redo. With the numerous choices for kitchen countertops available, there is a choice to fit every kitchen décor.

Kitchen Countertop Renovation Pictures and Ideas

No matter what your budget, timeframe or style is, there is a kitchen counter out there perfect for your home.

Natural Stone Counters

Natural stone countertops are typically made from large slabs of a single origin material such as granite, marble, travertine or slate. A natural stone counter does require higher maintenance than a manufactured counter, but comes with a unique beauty that varies from slab to slab.

Natural stone countertops come in a wide range of colors and prices, starting at $25 a square foot, they go up to $400 or more a foot for premium stones. Look for sedate, neutral colors and patterns for traditional kitchens and wild, bold colors and veins for more modern designs.

Tile Countertops

Tile counters are one of the least expensive ways you can update your current countertop. Nearly any type of tile is suitable for use on a counter, including granite and natural stone tiles.

Blue and white tile counter

The benefits of tiling your counter include the ability to produce your own pattern and design, the ability to tile over some existing counters, the cost and DIY factor and the fact that tile counters can fit in any kitchen style. Just choose bold colors for more contemporary designs and stick to classics like blue and white for more traditional or farmhouse looks.

Engineered Counters

Engineered stone and concrete countertops are quickly becoming two of the more popular types of counters for use today. Both can be produced in bold solid colors that make a statement in a kitchen. Both have the option of having a sink created from the same material for a seamless look.

Engineered counter and sink

Engineered stone counters are extremely low maintenance; they don't scratch, burn, melt or stain, which makes them attractive in homes with small children or homeowners with busy lifestyles. The cost is comparable to most natural stone counters.

Concrete counters do require sealing, but have the added benefits of lower costs and the ability to customize the counter to your kitchen. Imprints, custom colors and shapes are all available with concrete.

Wooden Countertops

Wooden countertop

One type of countertop that is making a comeback is the wooden slab counter. Wooden counters can be made from numerous species of hardwood that is meant to take a beating and still retain its beauty. Wooden tops are slightly exotic in looks because they don't get as much attention. Look for sleek varnished tops in woods like Zebra for modern kitchens and more quiet woods for traditional kitchens.

Painted Counters

Painted counter

If your current countertop is in good shape, but is a poor color choice for the rest of the room, consider painting it. Paint is available for kitchen counters in solid colors as well as in kits that can produce the look of granite or marble.

Paint can be used on laminate, tile or solid surface counters to completely change the look of the space. Just take care to use a paint meant for the surface you are covering, and if you are painting a tile counter, be sure to paint the grout lines with a contrasting color of grout paint to ensure the look of the tile pattern remains.

Other Choices

The list of kitchen countertop materials is seemingly endless as new materials are introduced regularly. In addition to these materials, you can also consider using the following to renovate your counter:

  • Solid surface
  • Vinyl
  • Laminate
  • Glass

Make Your Selection Carefully

As you choose your new counter, be sure to weigh its looks against its maintenance to ensure you are getting the best counter for your kitchen and your lifestyle. The best countertop should be one that enhances your kitchen's décor, but isn't a nightmare to maintain. Choose carefully and enjoy the way your new counter transforms the entire kitchen design.

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Kitchen Countertop Renovation Pictures