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Gas Furnace Prices

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If you're in the process of replacing your old furnace or you're looking for a brand new, affordable furnace, researching current gas furnace prices is a good first step.

Why Choose a Gas Furnace?

Throughout the home heating industry, it is generally accepted that heating a home with gas costs less than heating it with oil. Some of the top reasons that people choose to heat with gas rather than oil include the following.

  • High efficiency gas furnaces burn far less gas to generate the same amount of heat as an oil furnace would.
  • Gas burns more efficiently, and therefore more cleanly. This means that burning gas produces less pollution when compared to oil.
  • When you use gas rather than oil, you don't have to risk an oil spill in your basement, which can result in expensive cleanup costs and a smell that many homeowners say never really goes away.
  • Gas fuel tanks can be stored outside even in the winter without risk of the fuel freezing.
  • Gas furnaces are literally "cleaner" - they don't produce dust in the air, and they run far quieter than oil burners do.
  • Some homeowners report that when they are trying to sell their home, buyers prefer gas heat over oil heat.

Is Gas Always Cheaper?

While it is true that heating with gas is cheaper most of the time, it's not true all of the time. Getting more heat for your money comes down to more than just the source of fuel you're using, it also depends on the following factors.

  • Is the furnace high-efficiency? If it's not efficient, you may not see enough of a savings to make the purchase of the furnace worthwhile.
  • How well insulated is your home? If you're losing heat through poorly insulated windows or doors, upgrading to a more efficient heating system will only help you lose heat faster. Resolve your home insulation issues before investing in a new furnace to save on heating costs.
  • Local fuel prices. If you live in an area of the world where oil costs significantly less than gas, it would make very little sense to switch over. Compare prices in your area and remember to consider that burning gas is more efficient (meaning even if prices are the same you'll spend less with natural gas).

Gas isn't always cheaper, but in most cases it is. Take everything listed above into consideration when you purchase your new gas furnace. Also, consider how long it will take to pay off the cost of the new furnace with that savings. Of course, even if the savings isn't significant, the fact that you will be doing the environment a huge favor by polluting less may be more than enough to encourage you to make the switch.

Where to Find the Cheapest Gas Furnace Prices

There are many gas furnace manufacturers competing for your business. Most heating industry reviewers say that the brands below all do a fairly good job making sure the efficiency and capacity of the furnaces meets the specifications listed when you bought it. If you want to find the best gas furnace prices, visit the following websites and look carefully at those specifications compared to the amount you'll save in heating costs. Remember, more efficient gas furnaces may cost more, but they're well worth it. Also make sure to appropriately size the furnace for your home. Bigger is not always better.

In most cases, the gas furnace manufacturers listed above will not list prices on their website; get quotes for gas furnace prices by contacting the local distributors listed on the manufacturer's website for your local area.

Choosing the Gas Furnace for You

Obtain more than one quote from different furnace companies to get a good deal on a new gas furnace. It's also critical that the furnace is properly sized for your house; an oversized furnace is just as inefficient as an undersized one. Don't be afraid to ask for help, and feel confident that you're getting the right gas furnace at the right price.

Gas Furnace Prices