Covering Windows with UV Protection Film

Protect your home from sun damage

Since the sun's not just bad for your eyes and skin, UV protection window film helps you combat the effects on your home too.

Why Use UV Protection Window Film

There are a number of reasons to use UV protection on your windows:

  • Protect your furniture, paintings, and yourself
  • Reduce glare
  • Create a more beautiful view due to less reflectivity
  • Save energy
  • Cut down on flying glass if a window breaks


In some cases, a dealer will come out and install the window films for you. In others, you'll be expected to install them yourself. Be sure to read the accompanying instruction manual, but here are some loose guidelines for installing the films yourself:

  1. Clean the window very well. You may even want to scrape it with a razor blade depending on how much debris is present.
  2. Dry the window.
  3. Peel the backing from the film.
  4. Spray the appropriate solution onto the film. Your instruction manual will tell you if it doesn't already come with the film.
  5. Apply film to the window and take care to rub all of the bubbles out from between the film and window.
  6. Trim the film to fit the window perfectly.
  7. Leave to dry.

Where to Look

There are a number of retailers out there that offer UV protection window film. Here are a few:


3M™ offers window films to protect your furniture from the sun, reduce the glare in your rooms, and save energy. They claim that their product will save you so much money over time, they'll effectively pay for themselves.

Their warranty is like this: limited lifetime for residential window films; 15 years for commercial. They claim that this warranty is special because the company itself has a long-standing reputation. In other words, they'll still be around when you need them in 15 years.

Here's a summary of the window films they have to offer:

Prestige 40, 50, 60, and 70

  • Saves energy
  • Creates a nicer view due to low reflection
  • Lightly tinted
  • No cell phone interference
  • No metal
  • Keeps your furniture looking fresh by preventing UV rays from entering the room through the window
  • Keeps your eyes more comfortable because there's less of a glare
  • Decreases the likelihood of flying glass in the event of a broken window

You can find a dealer by visiting the 3M™ homepage and clicking "Find a Dealer" at the top of their window film page. Statistics vary based on product number. For more information about any specific window film, please visit the 3M™ website and download the appropriate brochure.

Window Solutions

Window Solutions is located in the San Francisco Bay area. They've been in business for 30 years and they work with 3M™ Scotchtint™ products.

They claim that the films they use block up to 99 percent of UV rays, substantially cutting down on the fading of home furnishings and the dangers of exposing yourself to UV rays.

There's no need to worry that you won't get the same great warranty 3M™ products offer if you go with Window Solutions. They extend that same warranty to residential and commercial customers.

You can contact Window Solutions on their website and ask for a free estimate.

Gila Films

Gila Films are applied by the homeowner. If you visit the website, you can find out how to locate Gila Films in your area or you can visit their online store. Only apply the films to the insides of your windows. Application goes most smoothly when two people work together on it; it can be cumbersome for a single person to install the films.

Be sure not to put the film on your windows if it's likely to get to below 32 degrees outside over the course of the first three days the film is up.

While the film typically lasts up to 15 years, it's recommended on the Gila site that you change the film every five years if UV protection is the reason you bought it.

Before installing your own Gila film, be sure to read the instructions carefully.

For the Car

Don't neglect your car when it comes to blocking UV, glare, and reflections.


Llumar's product is not like the film you can buy and install on your own. It's professionally installed. Whether you choose clear or tinted you can be sure you're helping to lengthen the life of your car's interior-and protecting your eyes and skin.

A Final Word

UV protection window film is your answer to preserving your home, your car, and yourself. You can opt for professional installation or the do-it-yourself variety.

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